Best Wheelbarrows 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gorilla Carts2. Worx3.  Garden Star
Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Dump Cart Best WheelbarrowWORX Aerocart WheelbarrowGarden Star Marathon Yard Rover

People have been using wheelbarrows since 100AD. Over time, they have found different applications, and now there are so many different types of products available in the market, and it is quite difficult to point out the best wheelbarrow.

Outdoor work can get hectic, especially if it involves heavy lifting. But, wheelbarrows make your job much easier. For gardening enthusiasts, wheelbarrows are essentials tools used to transport flowers, mulch, and weed.


While searching for the best wheelbarrows for gardening, you don’t always need a fancy product that looks great. Wheelbarrows are used to haul things around and they need to excel at that job.

You must choose the best wheelbarrow which has great ground clearance capacity, especially if you live in a hilly region then you need to powerful wheelbarrow to clean your backyard.

Apart from that, you must consider the pivoting distance of the wheelbarrow before you choose and you must use one which has rubber grip.

Most of the wheelbarrows designed with wooden and metal grips can cause the most discomfort and you can suffer from blisters. To choose the best wheelbarrow, we have compiled a list of some of the best products in the market that help you arrive at your decision quicker

Top 15 Best Wheelbarrows 2020

1. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Dump Cart Best Wheelbarrow

The GOR4PS is a quality product from Gorilla Carts that gives you great performance in terms of durability, and load capacity, and its quick-release feature that makes it easier for you to dump the load.

You can use this wheelbarrow for transporting tools, plants, and rocks. It never gets stuck in rocky terrain, loses its contents or tips over. It has a 19.5 inches cart that weighs 32 pounds.

Normally you need to push a wheelbarrow to move it from one place them another, but this one has a wide handle so you can pull it to move around. While you’re coming down a slope, you might find that the cart is a bit difficult to control. This wheelbarrow does not have any brake, but you can walk the cart backward while descending a slope.

The turning radius of this cart is pretty tight and you can use it easily in the tightest of spaces. You can easily roll it in a straight line and turn it 180 degrees whenever you want. Moreover, this cart is built for durability and you can throw rock inside it. It does not flex and maintains its structure even when you load it up with soil.

The 600-pound capacity is more than enough for your gardening. It is a compact model that does not occupy much space. However, you need to do some assembly work on it which includes connecting the handle, cart, wheels, and chassis. You can follow their user manual to assemble the cart.

This cart is the perfect choice for you if you’re working with small volumes. It manages to achieve a balance between convenience and stability, and you can use this wheelbarrow for your own landscape area.


  • Quick dumping feature
  • Turning radius small
  • Durable build
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Patented dump technology
  • Durable poly dump cart


  • Hard to control while moving downhill
  • No brake system available

2. WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow

Many gardeners consider the WORX Aerocart to be the best wheelbarrow due to its various features. Apart from tires, the entire body of the cart is made of stainless steel. Both the steel piping and the tray are extremely durable and you can use this cart for years.

All the parts except the main cart body are coated with powder for additional protection. This wheelbarrow is corrosion-resistant, although you might notice the occasional scratch.

Moreover, the handles are extremely comfortable and provide good cushioning. This is helpful in case you have to transport heavy loads and you do not feel any pain in your joints by using this wheelbarrow for long hours.

This wheelbarrow has a maximum capacity of 300 lbs, but you cannot move such heavy stuffs at a time. This wheelbarrow is the perfect size for gardening jobs and it makes a heavy load feel much lighter.

The tires on this wheelbarrow are flat-free, so you don’t have to worry about them getting punctured due to a sharp nail or a rock. The dimension of this wheelbarrow is 19” H x 22” W x 58” L and it weighs 41lbs only.

The tires are made of sturdy plastic that would never get flat, so you do not need to change the tire frequently. This wheelbarrow is versatile in the sense that it lets you move around heavy load with considerable ease, whereas a regular wheelbarrow only allows you to haul the things that you can lift.

The adjustable arms of this wheelbarrow can be extended according to your needs, and you can easily use its dolly to move heavy gardening tools. Plus, it has a holding bag, cylinder carrier and trailer tote.


  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Comfortable grip
  • Flat-free tires
  • 300lbs load capacity
  • Rust resistant stainless steel body
  • Designed with an extended dolly


  • Not ideal for tall people
  • Tires wear down over time

3. Garden Star Marathon Yard Rover

Garden Star Marathon Yard Rover

This lightweight model from Garden star is one of the best wheelbarrows for gardening in the market currently. The Marathon yard rover is extremely lightweight and it is ideal for gardening jobs where you need to move it around a lot.

It is easy to carry, operate and is highly useful for major residential works. The air-filled wheels make it easy to carry the barrow from one place to another. Since the tires are durable, you will have less or almost no chance of replacement.

Single-wheeled wheelbarrows are often unstable and they tend to wobble and tip over occasionally. You don’t want your wheelbarrow tipping and spilling its contents all over the place. This makes it easy for you to move it over a bumpy, rocky terrain without the cart wobbling.

It has a rust-proof poly-tray that makes it easier to handle the wheelbarrow and the polypropelene material is completely rust and corrosion-resistant. There is no chance of bouncing and you get full stability by using this wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow will be delivered to you in parts and you need to assemble it. It has fewer parts than most of the other wheelbarrows, and you can assemble this using only a screwdriver.

You can easily use it around any lawn with dense bush, or around a farm. The contoured tray helps in accumulating dumped materials and to keep them on one side.

If you’re looking for a high-quality product while not spending too much, this is the perfect choice for you. It has a cushioned handle, so you don’t have to worry about your hands getting sore or blistered when transporting a load. You can easily accommodate 250 lbs of load in this wheelbarrow and use it for years without the material getting rusty.


  • Well-balanced wheels
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Not ideal for heavy construction
  • The bolts may come loose

4. Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel

This quality product from Bests Choice Products is made of rubber, polyurethane, and powder-coated steel. You can easily lift and push the wheelbarrow thanks to the padded bar that is thick and comfortable. The durable rubber tires are 13 inches wide and filled with air that reduces the chance of bouncing and sudden breakage or loss.

This wheelbarrow is lightweight and weighs only 26 pounds but it is able to accommodate 330 pounds of load. Even elderly people and maneuver it with ease.

It is compact, and it can hold diverse items like soil, bricks, mulch, different sizes of gravel and so on. The material used for the wheelbarrow is durable plastic, so it will not gather rust like steel. You can leave it outdoors in any kind of weather and it will still remain good to use after years. It provides the required resistance with the sturdy handle bar.

A wheelbarrow with a single wheel is often unstable when you try to move it up a ramp and it is not easy to dump the load but you can just pull this one up an incline, which is convenient.

The handlebar is thick and padded and it is extremely longlasting. The power-coated steel frame helps a lot in giving the right non-slip grip. You can also include sufficient number of garden tools in the wheelbarrow.


  • Well-balanced, does not tilt
  • Easy to dump load
  • Value for money


  • The tires emit a slight odor
  • Not suited for heavy-duty work

5. Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow

Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow

The Garden Star 70019 is considered by many to be top pick for best wheelbarrows for gardening purposes. Very rarely do you find a product that manages to achieve the balance between quality and price? Many of the cheap products last only a few months, and it is a real pain for a gardener.

While many wheelbarrows have a complicated setup process, with this one, the assembly process is extremely easy. You can fill it up with a load of 150-250 pounds move it around rocky terrain without the art tilting.

When you first look at this wheelbarrow, it doesn’t look that much durable, but poly material is sturdy as anything. You can easily load the cart up with sand, gravel, dirt, mulch, and gardening waste.

It is an ideal wheelbarrow for both storage and transportation. Since you can store the items in just one go, you do not have to travel from one place of the garden to another.

The tray on this wheelbarrow comes in a size of 4 cubic feet and is made of impact-resistant, durable, polypropylene plastic which gathers no rust. With this tray, you can easily dump smaller loads.

It is a high quality wheelbarrow in which you can include sufficient number of tools. The bag attached to the barrow can be cleaned easily.

It has two wheels with air-filled tires that distributes the load evenly and allows you to hand the cart with ease and achieve great balance over any kind of terrain. The pneumatic tires make the wheelbarrow stable and allow you to lift it easily.

If you are looking for an affordable wheelbarrow for doing gardening work, then this is the perfect choice for you. It takes very less storage space, and the frame material is extremely sturdy so you do not have to spend much on repair.


  • Lightweight and compact gardening tool
  • Perfect for elderly people
  • Easy to carry, lift and store
  • Eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant and sturdy material
  • Untippable and very good tyre quality


  • Framing is not there
  • Not easy to release dirt due to the absence of a lock-unlock mechanism

6. Seymour WB-JR Children’s Wheelbarrow

Seymour WB-JR Children’s Wheelbarrow

Seymour is known for creating a wide variety of landscaping and gardening tools such as axes, rakes, and hammers, and they have also come up with one of the best wheelbarrows for children.

This compact and lightweight wheelbarrow is made of polyurethane of the highest quality so it is resistant to damage and easy to handle by children of all ages.

The color is extremely sweet to encourage by the children. The ball bearings and wheels are strong so that does not lead to any slippage or fall.

The hardwood handles provide a comfortable yet strong grip, and children can easily use them to move the wheelbarrow around. There is only one wheel on this wheelbarrow with a steel frame that is resistant to corrosion. The wheelbarrow has a solid tire but it is too small to be pneumatic.

Weighing less than 5 pounds, you can use this wheelbarrow to transport any accessories, toys, flowers, plants, etc. Moreover, it also comes with an instruction manual with details on how to assemble the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is ideal to be gripped by little palms and hands. The polyurethane body will not gather rust and you can use this for years to come.

The construction is of high quality plastic polymer that does not infect or release any toxic fume for the child. The lightweight plastic container is durable enough to carry all kinds of items and it is good for teaching children about gardening and landscaping.


  • Tray braces for load security
  • Comfortable grip
  • Corrosion-proof and the safe to use for the child
  • Ball bearings cause the while to slide smoothly over rough surfaces
  • The support arm is long enough to carry it from one place to another


  • The handles are unfinished
  • Prone to discoloration

7. Allsop WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow

Allsop WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow from Allsop weighs about 20 pounds, is compact, and extremely durable. This is a better option compared to a traditional wheelbarrow as it is easy to load, carries more items, and you can fold it for storage and transportation. The product will be delivered to you in a cardboard box, and you will get a picture of the product printed outside.

Raking, shoveling or sliding materials for the garden become easier when you operate this wheel barrow. It also has the perfect product warranty. Inside the box, there is an instruction manual following which you can set up the wheelbarrow using the head screws and detent pins provided.

This WheelEasy is more of a tarp-on-wheels than an actual wheelbarrow and this design allows you to lay it down flat on the ground and use a rake to put the debris inside the cart. This makes it easier also to collect weeds and spread bark.

The steel frame is deceptively heavy, and the nylon tarp is vinyl coated for extra protection. You can fit in 350 pounds inside this cart, so it can be used for multiple purposes such as cleaning up leaf debris and nuts, moving heavy loads like topsoil and compost, etc

This cart is ideal for everyday garden work and it does not take much effort to move around. It has a low center of gravity, so you don’t need to apply too much force to make it move. The wheels can be inflated easily and te tough canvas made of duralite helps to store and maintain the barrow easily.

Another great advantage of this cart is that you can easily collapse it. You can easily mix concrete with this wheel barrow, and you can also plant a shrub with this. You just need to insert the pins in a certain position, and you can fold the cart and hang it on the wall for easy storage.

If you need to replace any of the wheelbarrow parts like pins, wheels, frame, canvas, handle, etc, you can easily find them on the company website.


  • Foldable, easy to store
  • Easy to assemble and easy loading for the ground level
  • Replacement parts available
  • Ergonomically designed to center the load


  • Difficult to insert handle endcap

8. The Ames Companies Inc M6T22 Wheelbarrow 

The Ames Companies Inc M6T22 Wheelbarrow 

If you are looking for the best wheelbarrow for carrying heavy-duty loads, then the M6T22 is perfect for you. The company takes great care in ensuring the quality of these wheelbarrows and this one has sturdy handles made of hardwood and durable steel trays.

The 60-inch handle allows you to comfortably move around heavy loads with this cart. With a total space of 6 cubic feet, it has enough space to hold all your stuff.

This wheelbarrow has patented leg stabilizers which allows it to be stable and 40% more resistant to tipping. The tube tires are 16 inches thick and can slide over rough surfaces with considerable ease.

With its sturdy body made of industrial steel, you can load it up with all kinds of items and move it around effortlessly. The wheelbarrow body will not rust or wear down easily.

Furthermore, this product comes with a 90-day warranty, so you don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects and such. If you are looking to buy a wheelbarrow for construction work, then this product is ideal. It is easy to put together and comes at a bargain price. Moreover, you don’t have to spend too much time and effort on maintenance.


  • Industrial steel construction for durability
  • Does not tip easily due to the leg stabilizers
  • No maintenance required


  • The crossbars are a bit small
  • Prone to dents

9. Gorilla Carts GOR5-COM Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR5-COM Dump Cart

Many gardeners have hailed the GOR5-COM as the best wheelbarrow ever with a one year warranty and that is because this wheelbarrow is one of the most reliable products in the market.

Whether you need to perform indoor cleanup jobs or barn work, this wheelbarrow will get the work done in a jiffy. The tubed tyre helps in the overall usability of the wheelbarrow that can be used driven for long hours at work.

The steel frame of the wheelbarrow and the card bed made of durable poly material make this product last longer than its peers. Furthermore, it has pneumatic tires that are rugged and can slide over any terrain without getting damaged. With this cart, you can easily transport materials around your farm, barn, or home.

It has got a very good rating on Amazon, and you can use it for your patio, lawn and garden. It has a large capacity of 800 pounds, and the heavy duty wooden handles leads to equal pressure distribution that can be done keeping in mind the weight of the objects stored or carried.

It is easy to assemble this wheelbarrow, given its mesh slides and its redesigned frame. Using the mesh slides, you can make a flatbed garden cart out of this, which can then be used for moving around heavy loads.

If you are looking to operate your wheelbarrow over gravelly and rocky terrains, this product is ideal for you, as the tires are made to handle rough use.

What’s more, this wheelbarrow has a two-in-one handle, which allows you to easily pull the behind you and gives you a comfortable grip. The cart bed is rust-proof so you can use it for many years to come. The undercarriages are also made of high grade steel that gives you the best value for money.


  • Quick-release for easy dumping
  • Ideal for carrying heavy loads
  • The convertible handle makes it easy to operate
  • You can check the true temper measurement and buy
  • The paint does not get worn out, or fades even after repeated use


  • The tires may not be cut out for handling large weights
  • The wheels are a bit small

10. Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow

Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow

This is a lightweight wheelbarrow ideal for performing gardening work throughout the seasons. It weighs just 24 pounds, so you can lift it effortlessly and carry heavy loads with it.

Loading and unloading are made easy with this wheelbarrow, and it only tips when you want it to. The tough resin construction can be an advantage as you do not have to go for multiple product purchases.

The heavy-duty plastic body protects the wheelbarrow from any damage and the 13.5 inches wheels feature sturdy plastic that is suited for rough terrain. Moreover, you get a storage tray with this wheelbarrow which is ideal for storing drinks, garden tools, etc. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain all throughout the year.

This wheelbarrow is made with high-quality material that will not fade away or gather rust over time. It is extremely easy to assemble the wheelbarrow using just a screwdriver. It is extremely responsive and easy to turn around tight corners.

The wheels are durable enough for all surfaces including gravel, cement, and grass. The depth is about 4 cubic feet so that you can store and carry things easily. The material is highly non-toxic. The wheelbarrow is designed in such a way that even a 5-year old kid can move it around with ease as it takes minimum force to move.

Despite being lightweight, it is extremely durable, but that does not mean you should expose it to harsh weather elements for too long since it is made from plastic.

But the plastic construction means that you can easily grip it using the looped handles and move it around without your hands suffering harm. The cart floor is also quite stable and it is well-built with provision for the replacement facility for the handles.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • It does not rust, get affected by dents or break
  • Even kids can use it
  • Very stable, does not tilt


  • Plastic may wear down if you expose it to the elements
  • Hauling capacity is small

11. Garden Star 70018 Easy Barrow Wheelbarrow

Garden Star 70018 Easy Barrow Wheelbarrow

The Easy Barrow from Garden Star is easily the best wheelbarrow in its price range. This is because it is very lightweight, and while many wheelbarrows are heavy and difficult to maneuver, this can be moved around by a child or even an elderly person. It has no complicated assembly process by using the six bolts, and it is extremely longlasting.

This wheelbarrow has 4 cubic feet of storage space in the form of a steel tray which is lightweight and coated with powder. The legs and handles are made of zinc and they are resistant to rust, and you can buy this wheelbarrow for strength, quality and excellent design.

The 13″ pneumatic tires are filled with air and are extremely durable. You can use this cart for gardening jobs like weeding and hauling. The extra tub or the tool tray helps to keep things in place or to transport them from one place to another.

The looped steel handle gives you a nice, solid grip and you can life, balance, and move around the wheelbarrow with considerable ease.


  • Durable material
  • Pneumatic tires keep the cart stable
  • Very lightweight


  • Only a few color options
  • Difficult to push up an incline

12. A.M. Leonard Compost And Soil Wheelbarrow

A.M. Leonard Compost and Soil Wheelbarrow

This high-quality wheelbarrow from A.M. Leonard has a large 6 cubic foot capacity and has a tray made of sturdy ABS plastic that does not get damaged easily. The product is available in black and orange color, and

The hardwood handles are extremely thick and 5 feet long, providing you with a strong grip and allowing you to use the full strength of your arms while operating this wheelbarrow.

The tray is durable, made of steel and it does not react with garden products or with any type of compost. The square tray measures 22 inches and the sidewalls also prevent spills.

The durable undercarriage and the bolt heads of the carriage are provided to offer further support, so your wheelbarrow does not wobble or tilt in any condition. The wheels have ball bearings and a steel axle that make them more stable.

You have three choices of tires while buying this product, and you should make your choice based on what terrain you are working with. The flat-free tires are ideal if there are nails or pieces of glass that might result in air-filled tires getting punctured.

There are also regular pneumatic tires that are designed for tough use, and they won’t wear down over time like the flat-free plastic ones. The mesh screen has separate portions for large lumps to pass through. You can easily remove pebbles and all forms of debris for with this attached facility.

Using this wheelbarrow, you can transport loads of up to 500 pounds. It has all the necessary features and a low-profile needed for enhanced stability. This wheelbarrow manages to achieve the perfect blend of maneuverability and strength. With its sophisticated design and durable construction, this wheelbarrow will last you a lifetime.


  • Durable plastic body
  • The mesh also helps in detecting metal
  • You get all types of sifting convenience for the wheelbarrow to transport things from one place to another
  • You can add multi-tools for your garden along with the wheelbarrow that you have
  • Sidewalls and carrying handles prevent spillage


  • The ears are a bit flimsy
  • Difficult to replace the mesh screen

13. Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow

Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow

If you are looking to make your yard work easier and lighter, then the Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow is the best wheelbarrow for you. It has the perfect storage capacity for carrying out household work, it’s foldable, so you can easily store in inside a small space or just hang it from the wall.

Furthermore, it has extra spaces where you can place materials and small tools required for garden work. It has received 3.5 out of 5 stars but it has extremely satisfactory functional quality.

This wheelbarrow has a capacity of 3.25 cubic feet, so you use it for hauling leaves, weed, and other waste materials from one corner of your yard to another.

It has enough capacity for you to move more stuff at once, saving you time and effort. The polyester fabric of this wheelbarrow provides great support and it is further protected using a PVC material.

The polyester bag has wipe and clean surfaces, and it is extremely longlasting that can easily be folded for accommodating better space quality. Behind the polyester fabric, you will find the extra slots for storing small tools.

These 3 pouches allow you to store all kinds of small tools so you can carry all the things you need which make your work easier. Also, the Bosmere wheelbarrow has strong tires that get never get punctured, no matter what kind of terrain you are moving it through.

The foldable structure of the wheelbarrow allows for easy storage. When you fold it, the wheelbarrow in 13 inches wide and 45 inches long, so you store in the garage or inside the cabinet.

Considering the different benefits and features you get with this wheelbarrow, it is worth buying this wheelbarrow because it offers value for money. Three storage pouches are also there with this barrow, which makes it easier to store grains, tools and other necessary gardening items.


  • Large capacity
  • You can get the replacement supplies from tools and tractor supply companies
  • The engineering and construction is of superior quality
  • Metal frame and polyester fabric for durability


  • Could be a little more durable
  • The tires do not deal too well with heavy loads

14. PAW Electric Power Assist Wheelbarrow

PAW Electric Power Assist Wheelbarrow

Avid gardeners need to work on the land during all seasons and sometimes they need to transport a lot of things from one place to another, which cannot be done by hand.

The Electric Power Assist Wheelbarrow makes your job much easier. It has a 24V battery system and 2 drive systems that operate independently from the wheel.

There are two 12V batteries included with this product and it also comes with a charger. A steel covering protects the moor. Also, its pneumatic tires provide solid housing and protect the cart against wobbling and tilting, so you, along with your children can use this product easily.

You can also adjust the speed for the forwarding movement. In case you are taking the wheelbarrow uphill, you can press the power boost button for added speed. It offers you the best value for money and the packaging is equally good in all respect. Non-slip gripping technique and high quality handle.

The thumb throttle allows you to use the full extent of your arms for grabbing the wheelbarrow. What’s more, on a full charge, it will operate for an entire day without breaking down. You can use it to move a load of up to 200 pounds and unload it easily using the front dump brace.

Because it is so easy to operate, many users consider this to be the best wheelbarrow. The twin 12V battery unit makes this system operate for a long time, and you just need to store it in a cool and dry place, shielding it from the harsh weather elements.

Although it has many components, you can assemble it quite easily. Moreover, it is ideal for both flat and even terrain, as per user reviews. The tray is in a convenient shape and the front is a little curved so you can easily unload by tilting the wheelbarrow.


  • Long battery life
  • You can get the replacement parts right from the manufacturer
  • Full quality control during assemblage
  • Can be moved by pressing a button
  • Easy to operate


  • A bit expensive

15. Costzon Kids Metal Wheelbarrow

Costzon Kids Metal Wheelbarrow

This quality product from Costzon comes in an attractive green color that blends well with the surroundings of your garden. This wheelbarrow has a stainless steel frame which makes it quite sturdy.

For a kid’s wheelbarrow, this one has an impressive capacity and you can safely transport 66 lbs of material using this. It is the best wheelbarrow you could gift your children and make them interested in gardening. The edges are designed skilfully so that your child receives no scratch.

Your kid can use this to carry plants, sand, dirt, and different tools with considerable ease. It is lightweight and does not require much effort to maneuver which makes it ideal for children. The yellow paint of the frame and the green paint of the cart are both eco-friendly the non-slip and non-corrosive grip can help your child to carry

Furthermore, the edges of the tray are not sharp, so there are no chances of your kid injuring themselves while hauling things around in this wheelbarrow.

It also has an inclined hopper which makes it easier for you to load it with stuff like dirt and sand, and unload it with similar ease. Scooping and dumping actions take much less time with this wheelbarrow.

You can get a good grip due to the TPR handlebar that does not slip, and is comfortable to grip, for a child. The tires on the wheels are extra thick and wide which makes the wheelbarrow stable on terrains such as asphalt, gravel, grass, pavements, etc.


  • Smooth steel tray with blunted edgesIt is an ideal wheelbarrow for storage and yard play
  • This can be taken on a picnic or on a seaside expedition when your children can play with sand
  • Inclined hopper for easy load and unload
  • Wide and thick wheels ideal for any terrain


  • The bolts are a bit short
  • Plastic wheels wear out over time

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Garden Hose

While you’re on the lookout for the best wheelbarrow ever, you should think about how a particular product can contribute to solving your requirements. You may be tempted to buy the cheapest product in an end-of-season sale but you may regret it later.

It is always better to look for a wheelbarrow that you can your children can hold tight and that gives you ultimate durability and value for money. Here is a list of factors you need to consider before buying a wheelbarrow.

1. Material

Some people still use those old wooden wheelbarrows but those are obsolete in this day and age. Most companies these days manufacture their wheelbarrows using plastic or steel. Steel is durable and can carry a wide range of weights. While plastic and polymer are some of the basic materials, you can also choose aluminium that is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Plastic is a cheaper option and it is more lightweight. Plastic wheelbarrows are perfect for small jobs in the garden. It does not rust, but it can develop cracks if you use it for transporting heavy loads. Plastic may also get cracked in cold weather.

Some wheelbarrows are made of foldable canvas. You also need to look for the colors, as extremely dark and gaudy colors might look very odd and light colors on the contrary might not work well with the rest of the garden background.

2. Wheels

Most wheelbarrows have only one wheel placed at the front-center. This allows for easy maneuverability and dumping, but it requires strong arms to operate it effectively. It also helps you carry awkwardly balanced and heavy loads.

The two-wheeled models, however, have limited maneuverability and it is difficult to push them up hills. If the wheels can be repumped, then you can use them for regular use for a long time, and you do not have to spend much on the overall maintenance.

When it comes to the tires, there are two types, pneumatic and non-pneumatic. The pneumatic tires require you to pump up the inner tube.

But because it is filled with air, it can get punctured due to rough terrain, and you also need to monitor the air pressure inside the tire to keep it from going flat.

These days, semi-pneumatic tires are available, which have built-in air pockets. So you don’t need to inflate them and they provide a certain degree of shock-absorption.

3. Handles

Wheelbarrows traditionally have dual handles and they help you balance the weight better, and also makes it easy to tilt, flip, and dump the contents of your wheelbarrow. But they require one to have broad shoulders and considerable strength.

But with this type of wheelbarrow, unloading is difficult, so some of the models have included a quick-dump mechanism for easy unloading. The powder-coated handles are easy to use and the non-slip feature is also a great advantage to the user.

4. Capacity

Before buying a wheelbarrow, you need to carefully consider how much load you are going to be carrying. Based on this factor, you should choose a wheelbarrow with suitable capacity. These are perfect for light gardening jobs, carrying yard trimmings and potted plants, etc.

If you are planning on working with heavy loads, you should get a wheelbarrow with a higher capacity. You can make custom adjustments to such a wheelbarrow, reinforcing it so that it can carry heavy loads. Generally high capacity wheelbarrows are ideal for carrying mulch, soil, rocks, silts and so on.

5. Dumping Needs

You may get a wheelbarrow that’s perfect for the job you want to do, but have you ever thought about how you’re going to dump its contents? Your wheelbarrow should be such that it makes the job of unloading easier.
You should consider these factors and get yourself a wheelbarrow that is easier to manage while you’re unloading its contents.

FAQs on Wheelbarrows For Gardening

1. How Wide Is A Wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows are available in different sizes ranging from 2 to 6 cubic feet. For commercial purposes, the heavier wheelbarrows are used. Most garden wheelbarrows are between 3-4 cubic feet.

2. Which Type Of Wheelbarrow Is Suitable For Rocky Terrains?

For a rocky terrain, you should use a wheelbarrow with non-pneumatic tires. These are flat-proof and you don’t need to inflate them either.

3. How Do You Get A Wheelbarrow Out Of Concrete?

First, you need to get rid of the excess concrete by scraping. Then you have to scrub it using a brush immediately, to prevent the concrete from hardening. After that, you should fill it with water and leave it for a while. Later, wash it again, or just leave it to dry by itself.

4. What Is Poly Wheelbarrow?

The poly wheelbarrow is just another name for a plastic wheelbarrow that you can use for transporting small loads. They are ideal for gardening jobs.

Get The Best Wheelbarrows For Gardening Today And Solve Your Gardening Issues

With the aforementioned product reviews and buying factors, you should be able to find the perfect wheelbarrow that suits your needs. So factor in your needs, storage space, and maintenance capabilities and get yourself a wheelbarrow today.