Best Soaker Hoses 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gilmour2. Miracle Gro3.  Teknor Apex
Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose Best Soaker HoseMiracle Gro MGSPAK38100CC Soaker HoseTeknor Hose 50-ft. Soaker Hose

Watering plants is important as it keeps them hydrated and healthy. However, as important is the water, equally important is the way you do it. It is always good to invest in the soaker hose for watering.

You must have the right set of tools in the garden to make the job of watering the plants a breeze and also ensure that all the plants receive an adequate amount of water to stay healthy. The best soaker hose promotes vigorous sprouting of the plants without wasting the water much.


The soaker hose will keep the plants healthy and will not soak the ground thoroughly. You can save a lot of water and keep your garden appealing. If you want the best watering system for the garden, you must spend money to buy the soaker hose that fits for your gardening needs.

There is a myriad of soaker hose models available in the market. The guide will help you choose the best soaker hoses that will work efficiently to water the plants in the garden.

Top 10 Best Soaker Hoses 2020

1. Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose

Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose Best Soaker Hose

Maintaining plants of your garden is important, and for it watering them regularly is a must. If you want to maintain your garden by regularly watering the plants, you must have the best soaker hose. This model is ideal for you to buy.

You do not need to break the bank to buy this for your garden. The PVC liner of the hose is perforated with small holes with the right length. The liner is wrapped with the fabric that allows to evenly distributing the water.

It is best suited to water the delicate plants in the garden and delivers the right amount of moisture required for the roots to grow stronger. The water in the dry ground would not consume more water. The pressure at the water you can water the plants is up to 60 PSI. The fabric gives ample protection to the hose that is exposed to the UV rays.

This is a highly durable hose and is not prone to cracks. These are sturdy and robust. You must drain out the water in the hose before you bring the hose inside the home when there is snowfall.

It is lightweight and easier for you to take around the garden. The flat design makes it pretty easy for you to store the hose. If you want to turn it curvy, you can put it in the water for some time. You can bury it under the mulch to make it efficient. The fabric cover retains the moisture.

The hose is also resistant to clogs. The hose can be used for the underground and above groundworks. The water is released into the ground directly.

The pores are so small that only a little water flows, thus saving a lot of water. The placement of the hose depends on how you want to water the garden. You can bury in the garden, or you can place it between the plants.

All-in-all, it is a good investment if you are looking for a good quality soaker hose for your garden.


  • Easy to setup
  • Save a lot of water
  • Highly durable
  • Sturdy
  • Protect from the UV rays
  • Used for flowerbed
  • Water seeps to the roots of the plants


  • It is difficult to remove the kinks
  • The inner tube will get damaged when the water gets frozen inside
  • Clogs the grime

2. Miracle Gro MGSPAK38100CC Soaker Hose

Miracle Gro MGSPAK38100CC Soaker HoseIf you are looking for the best watering system, then this soaker hose model is an ideal option for you. The cut-n-hose would enable you to control the water that is sprinkled on the plants. With this, you will get .5 to 1 gallon of water per feet. The innovative system will let you spray the water directly into the roots of the plants.

You can bury the hose under the mulch or put it on the ground. It consumes 70% less water compared to the other soaker hoses. When the adequate amount of water is released to the plants, it makes sure that the delicate plants and vegetables would grow stronger without getting wilt.

The hose is made using recycled, lead-free material and meets the drinking water standards. This is a highly durable hose. It is a perfect hose that you can use it to water the vegetable plants, flower beds, and fruits.

It comes with four male connectors with caps, female connectors, four feeders, four plugs, and two tee connectors. These materials are required for creating a customized watering system. You can cut the hose and fix it on either end to regulate the pressure.

It makes sure that the water is released in the right amount through the season. You must adjust the flow of water until water seeps from the hose slowly. The water source to which the hose is connected must be at the highest point. Each foot takes around a minute to fill.

All-in-all it’s a good soaker hose that will be perfect for your garden.


  • Simple to set up
  • Built-in restrictor will keep a close watch on the watering of plants
  • Enough water flows to the plants
  • Free from lead


  • You must tighten it properly without which it results in leakage of water
  • Consumes time to fix the fittings

3. Teknor Hose 50-ft. Soaker Hose

Teknor Hose 50-ft. Soaker Hose

If you are looking for a cost-effective yet highly functional soaker hose, you must buy this model by Apex. It is one of the best soaker hoses, which is 50 feet in length.

Hence, it becomes easier for you to move around the garden and water the plants. The diameter is also half an inch, so there are fewer chances of it to get ruptured. It is made using vinyl, brass, and plastic.

You can store the hose in the corner. However, when you get the soaker hose, you must leave in the sunlight for a day or two to make it work optimally.

It allows you to connect a 500 feet hose to water the plants in the garden effectively. You can join the hose to the tap with less pressure to slowly let the water flow and release in the required quantity for watering.

The pores on the hose will sprinkle the water on the plants and save the water up to 30% when compared to the traditional hose system. The premium material with which the hose is made makes it easier to take the hose around and place it wherever it is convenient for you.

The small holes on the hose will evenly distribute the water to the plants. The even distribution of the pores ensures that there are no dry patches in your garden, and plants get adequate moisture. It takes less amount of time for you to water the plants in the garden while avoiding sprinkling excess water.

This soaker hose can withstand the high temperatures without any cracks and bulges, thus making it last longer.

So, if you want the best quality soaker hose for your garden, invest in this one by Apex.


  • Made using superior quality material
  • Last for a more extended period
  • No bulge
  • Available in a wide range of lengths
  • User-friendly
  • Keep the roots hydrated
  • Save 30% of water


  • Does not work efficiently with the rainwater barrel
  • Heavy

4. Melnor 65062-AMZ 75′ Flat Soaker Hose

Melnor 65062-AMZ 75' Flat Soaker Hose

If you are looking for a leak-free soaker hose, then you must buy this model hose that allows you to water the garden without wasting excess water.

Another good feature of this hose is that it is available at pocket-friendly rates. You do not have to burn holes in the pocket to own this hose. It is flat that you can store it safely after using it for sprinkling the water in the garden. It occupies less storage space.

The hose is 75 feet in length allowing you to cover a wider area. It is lightweight and flexible. The soaker hose comes with 2 washers for a leak-free seal. You can hold the hose in the hands to water the plants using the nozzles and wands.

The best part of this soaker hose is that you can water where you want. You can place on the ground or bury under the mulch or soil. The pores on the hose will sprinkle the water evenly without any wastage. The leak-proof seal around the hose will prevent the leak of water. With the extra washers, you can replace it when one is lost or worn out.

The flat design of the hose is easier to use and can be rolled up to store in a smaller space. It is available in three different lengths, such as 25, 50, and 75 to raise the flower beds and hydrate the plants. It is a good purchase if you are looking for a product which is economical and efficient.


  • Available in different lengths
  • Come with extra washers
  • The idea to raise the flower beds
  • Can attach to the water timer


  • It is good to use only in straight lines

5. Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

If you want a heavy-duty soaker hose that you want to use in your big garden, this soaker hose by Rocky Mountain Goods is an ideal option. Despite extreme wear and tear, it lasts longer. The hose is made using superior quality rubber material that saves 70% of water compared to the traditional watering system.

The flexible hose allows you to detach the end cap design and attach multiple hose connections. If you have a big garden, then you would need a big hose to water it efficiently. It is big enough to cover a bigger garden and is perfect for watering plants, flower beds, and saplings in the garden to keep them healthy.

The flow depends on the diameter size. The round shape of the hose allows distributing the water evenly in the garden. There is no chance for your garden to get dry or flood with water.

The fittings on both ends are made using metal over plastic as it is highly durable and lasts longer. You must take proper care and avoid it from getting exposed to extreme weather conditions.

You can around bend it and make it curvy. You must put it under the sun before using it to make the hose malleable. The holes will be throughout the circumference, so the water would not just go in one direction.


  • Durable
  • Made of superior quality material
  • Spread water uniformly
  • Save a lot of water
  • Come in 50 feet length
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fabric cover


  • Pricey
  • Quality would take a toll after a few uses

6. Swan Speakers CELSP38050 Soaker Hose

Swan Speakers CELSP38050 Soaker Hose

If you are looking for the superior quality hose for your garden, this is the right one to buy. It will release 0.5 to 1 gallon of water per foot. The good part about using this hose is that water directly reaches the roots. It helps you save 70% of the water compared to the standard soaker hose you use. There is a water restrictor that controls the flow of water.

You can put this on the ground or bury it in the soil or mulch. With the high pressure of the water, you can make the foliage and vegetables grow faster and in a healthy way. It meets the standards that are set by the Federal safe drinking water act. It is 50 feet in length and 3/8 diameter.

Connect the hose to the water source and keep it straight and weave when required. You can get a proper flow of water when you put the hose at the highest point. It releases the water properly. You can adjust the water pressure to promote the adequate flow of water. It helps the water to drip slowly through the hose.

It is made using the recycled rubber material and is durable. This hose is highly convenient to use in the office and home gardens. The lightweight hose can be put on the ground to water the garden and flowerbeds without taking a toll on the delicate plants.

It is ideal for professional landscapers and home gardeners. It is easy to set up to water the plants efficiently and protect the delicate plants from the high pressure of the water.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Highly durable
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Perfect for a professional gardening


  • Pricey

7. Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to store soaker hose for your garden, then without a second thought, buy this to maintain the garden in a top-notch condition.

The two 50 feet hose allows you to put this around the yard for sprinkling water to the delicate plants, flower beds, saplings, and vegetables. You can fold the hose after usage, and it occupies small space in the garden shed.

The compact and thin design would let you use this soaker in any type of garden irrespective of its layout. With its flexible design, you can twist and turn the hose in any corner of the garden without any cracks or bulges.

It is impossible to carry bulky soaker hose around the garden, but with this lightweight soaker hose, you can easily move it around and store it. The tube’s width is 1 inch. When you use two 50 feet of the pipe, it becomes 100 feet to use in a big garden.

You can also connect the timer to the hose to sprinkle water in the garden. The water slowly seeps from the hose at low pressure. You can put this on the ground or under the soil. When you use the hose with mulch, it results in the splitting of the hose. It is highly durable and inexpensive.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to store
  • Can be used in a wide area
  • Easy to extend
  • Can even water the plants in the congested spaces
  • Flexible
  • Flatten it to store


  • Not suitable for areas witnessing high temperature

8. Gilmour 2-in-1 Sprinkler

Gilmour 2-in-1 Sprinkler

If you want a vibrant looking soaker hose, this is the best soaker for you to buy. It allows you to spray the water to the plants in the garden evenly. The white strip would indicate the positioning of the hose. The brass coupling will let the water flow continuously.

It is lightweight and easy for the gardeners to handle. The hose’s 50 feet length makes it easy for you to access big gardens. You can easily place this hose on the ground or burying in the soil to sprinkle the water required for the healthy growth of the plants, flower beds, and vegetables. It is ideal to use in the new grass lawns, gardens, or the yard full of shrubs or trees.

The 50 feet hose will spray the water using the three tubes for the plants and flower beds that are thirsty. The hose is made using vinyl material so that even it is exposed to the sun, it won’t get damaged.

The lightweight hose is easy to move around and occupies very little space for storage. The brass coupling on the ends of the hose and detachable cap would help you with the flushing.

The two in 1 hose gives you two different options to have gentle watering. You can use the hose as a sprinkler. You must keep the white line facing up while you keep the hose on the ground to use the sprinkler. You can use the hose as a soaker wherein you must place the white line facing down.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Use as a soaker and sprinkler
  • 50 feet length
  • Ideal for home and professional gardeners
  • Occupy less storage space


  • Set up is time-consuming
  • Water pressure is high

9. Dramm 17020 ColorStorm Soaker

Dramm 17020 ColorStorm Soaker

This model soaker hose is available in two different lengths, i.e., 25 feet and 50 feet. This hose is made of recycled material, and the heavy-duty construction makes it long-lasting.

The thicker walls of the hose will reduce the amount of water you use for watering the plants. It saves 90% of water compared to the traditional irrigation system.

The rubber material with which the hose is made avoids kinking and abrasion. Throughout the length of the hose, the water is evenly distributed. You can put it on the ground or buried it underground to let the water sprinkle to the roots of the plants without allowing them to get dried and die out.

The hose can withstand high pressure. There is a nickel-plated coupling that is used for the connection points. It is sturdy and has few chances to get split. It injects the water into the roots and is eco-friendly. The geyser effect is reducing due to its thick walls that let the water release from the hose.

Overall, it’s a good soaker hose that allows even distribution of water ensuring healthy plants.


  • Save 90% of the water
  • Thick walls
  • Distribute the water evenly from start to end
  • Distribute the water evenly from start to end
  • Sprinkle water directly to the soil
  • Made using recycled materials


  • Not good for summer seasons

10. Raindrip 015005T Porous Soaker 

Raindrip 015005T Porous Soaker

If you want a highly efficient watering system, then you can use this soaker hose. It helps you to get the job of watering the plants done briskly. The ¼ inch porous tube helps you to effectively promote the health of the plants through a drip irrigation system.

The ¼ inch of the barbed fitting with ½ inch water supply line would let you use the soaker optimally. If you have a big garden, then you need the right water system to keep the area well moistened. This hose is perfect for such yards.

It is easy to set up and is ideally for an extensive drip irrigation system. The ¼ inch of the porous tubing will let you sprinkle the water in the garden and bend with ease. When you can turn, you can store this in a smaller space. It is perfect for watering gardens, hedges, and trees.


  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Promote large drip irrigation system
  • Porous tubing
  • Easy to store in a smaller space


  • None

Key Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Soaker Hoses

A soaker hose is an efficient and highly convenient method to water the plants in the garden. With many options, it is always challenging to choose the right one. However, you must consider a few factors while buying the best soaker hose for the garden:

1. Material

One of the first things that you need to consider is the material of the hose. It will decide how much water pressure it can handle and its longevity. The hose is made using different materials. Few manufacturers will use recycled tires to make this hose.

The soaker hose that is made using the recycled tires would be sturdy, durable, and possess the ability to withstand extreme conditions. Even it is exposed to dust, dirt, and mulch, the integrity of the hose remains the same.

There are other materials with which the hose is made. These include – vinyl and polyurethane. The hose that is made of polyurethane would be highly durable and stay stronger despite getting exposed to UV and ozone.

2. Length

When you are buying the soaker hose, consider the length of the hose based on the size of your garden. The length must allow you to move around and water the plants. The size is the determining factor for the length. The hose is made of four standard lengths, such as 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet.

You can also blend two or more hose to make a big hose. However, it is recommended to buy the hose that is less than 100 feet in length so that you can have good water pressure that is required to water the plants nicely and keep them healthy.

While choosing the hose, you must not miss checking the diameter of the tap where you will be connecting the hose. For normal household taps, the diameter is usually half-inch.

3. Water Pressure Rating

The pressure rating is another critical factor that you must consider when you are buying the hose. The rating would determine the amount of pressure that the hose can withstand before bursting the water outside. It is written as PSI. For the drip irritation, you would need the pressure of around 10 PSI. The water would flow through the hose rather sprinkling.

A good hose would have the ability to handle a lot of pressure, and it won’t burst out due to a lot of pressure and flood the garden. If this happens, the beauty of the garden will go for a toss. The manufacturers would give the pressure rating on the hose.

You must check the rating to buy the best one that is perfect to use at the home garden. You can better buy the hose that comes with the regulator to control the pressure.

4. Design

The design must also be considered when you are buying the soaker hose. The hose comes in round and flat shape. These both are highly efficient to sprinkle the water in the water using the hose.

However, the flat kind of hose would add beauty to the garden and will have a scope to direct the water to one point precisely as the holes are on one side. On the other hand, the round soaker hose is used for heavy-duty works, especially when you have a big garden, and you would leave the hose in the garden. It gets buried in the soil and mulch.

5. Ease Of Use

There are a few soaker hoses that are challenging for the home gardener to set up. You must buy the one that is easy to set up and use without any hassle and anyone’s assistance.

The design must be simple and more straightforward for you to fit to start watering the plants in your beautiful garden. You must choose the design of the soaker hose that won’t get damaged sooner.

6. Size Of Hose Perforation

The soaker hose perforation size would determine the amount of water it comes from the hose. You neither want to flood the plants and saplings with water nor want to pour little water that is insufficient for the growth of the plants. You must know the water perforation rate before buying the soaker hose.

7. Durability

You must choose the durable soaker hose and last longer despite extreme wear and tear. The strength depends on the material with which the hose is constructed. You must buy a superior quality hose that lasts longer.

There are various materials to choose from, but the one that is made with the recycled tire is considered to be the most durable one. Though the hose may be durable, you also have to check the number of holes that a hose comprises since it is critical to water the plants.

8. Number Of Holes

All the hose does not come with the same amount of holes. The amount varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You must buy the hose that has enough holes to ensure that the water is distributed to the plants sufficiently. It also promotes the healthy growth of plants.

9. Flexible

You must take the flexibility of the soaker hose into consideration when buying it. If the hose is not flexible, then it is tough for you to use regularly for watering the plants. The stiff hose would be challenging to store. The right hose will make the watering of your garden area a piece of cake, uniquely when the plants in the garden are not appropriately aligned.

10. Price

There is a wide range of hoses available in the market in different price ranges. You can choose the one that is available within your budget. However, be cautious while choosing one as you will use it longer.

You must check the price, features, and quality. Not all soaker hoses are made using the same material and would have all the features that are there in the other models. If your garden space is small, you can go for the budget one and the bigger garden; you can spend more to improve its longevity and make it easy to maintain the garden.

Benefits Of Using The Best Soaker Hoses

Few of the benefits that are offered by the soaker hose include:

1. Doesn’t Let Fungus To Grow

The soaker hose will allow the water to inject into the soil closer to the roots. It won’t make the plants to get completed soaked and reduce the growth of fungus. This fungus can also damage the healthily growing plants. So, hose prevents the growth of fungus.

2. Simple To Use

The pressure rating of the soaker hose will let you decide whether to buy the pressure regulator. However, you can adjust the water pressure through the tap to which the soaker hose is connected.

3. Reduction In The Upfront Expenses

There are no complicated parts that are there in the soaker hose. It is simple to use and operate. With its simple usage, you do not have to spend much on its installation. You can also connect the hose to the timer to save water and spray at regular intervals.

4. Keep Soil Erosion At Bay

When you use a soaker hose, it releases the water into the soil. The water will not keep the soil dry, and in the same way, it won’t flood the soil, which eventually results in soil erosion. It happens when the water flows at high pressure.

5. No Weeds

By using the soaker hose, you can direct the water to a specific area. You do not have to water the weeds and encourage their growth. The unwanted plants would also die when you do not water them. It becomes easier for you to pull off the weeds when it turns dry briskly.

6. Keep The Moisture In The Soil

The drip irrigation system will make the water to seep into the soil to retain the moisture and keep evaporation at bay.

How To Clean The Soaker Hose?

The soaker hose must be kept in top-notch condition to improve its longevity. It helps you to sprinkle the water to the plants optimally. You must clear the hose regularly after usage.

However, the cleaning depends on the type of soaker hose that you are using for the garden. You also must know whether the hose is buried in the mulch or is put on the ground.

The steps you must follow in cleaning the soaker hose include:

  • After every use, you must remove the hose from the garden and store it in a safe place. Thoroughly clean the dirt and dust accumulated around the hose and inspect for the damages.
  • Put the hose in the water and allow it to soak from outside. You must use the weight to keep the hose immersed in the water.
  • Add the detergent to the water. Use a dishwasher to wash the soaker hose. Ensure that the dishwasher has no traces of ammonia since it could cause severe damage to the hose.
  • Put the hose in the dishwater for a couple of hours and keep it in the freshwater to remove dirt and detergent around it.
  • Keep the hose on the ground to find the clogging in the pores. You can use a sharp object to remove the clogs.
  • Connect the soaker hose to the tap for two to three minutes to clean the hose from inside and unclog the holes
  • Allow the hose to dry in the sun and wrap it to use for the next season.

FAQs on Soaker Hoses

1. Why Is Soaker Hose Perfect For Watering Plants?

If you get the best soaker hose, then it will be easy to use. You would need to put in minimal effort to set up the hose. It is also eco-friendly as it is made using recycled rubber material.

The best thing is that it saves a lot of water that otherwise goes waste when you use the traditional irrigation system by reducing the pressure of water.

It releases water to the plants continuously without allowing them to get dry or flood completely. The home gardeners can use this hose to promote the healthy growth of plants.

2. Can You Get The Hose Repaired When It Is Burst?

The malfunctioning of the hose is due to the increase in the pressure levels. You can use a pressure regulator to control the water pressure and keep your hose durable. Also, it’s important to check the PSI before you invest in buying a hose.

There is a probability that even a good quality hose can get damaged, to overcome this you must observe any damages on the hose, you can cut up to that area and connect the pipes with the help of compression coupling.

3. Can You Connect Multiple Hoses To Increase The Length?

Yes, you can easily connect multiple hoses to increase the length of the soaker hose. It allows you to use the bigger hose to sprinkle water in the big garden without any hassle. You must have an easy connect option to attach multiple hoses. You can do this based on your gardening needs.

4. Is The Soaker Hose Free From Lead?

The soaker hose is not free from the lead. Many soaker hoses that are available in the market are made using lead material. These are cost-effective and do not last long. Moreover, lead is poisonous and is not safe.

5. How Often Can You Use The Soaker Hose?

The hose’s usage depends on various factors, such as the climatic conditions of your place and the type of plants that you are growing in the garden. The plants would require 2 inches of water every week.

If you use the traditional method for watering the plants, it takes hours to let the water reach the roots of the plant. When you use the hose, it directly reaches the roots. The water delivery rate will determine the time up to which you must water the plants.

6. What Are The Best Materials For The Soaker Hose?

The soaker hoses are made using recycled rubber material that is durable and sturdy. The hose made of this material can withstand extreme weather conditions. Despite hose getting into the soil, wood chips, dirt, and must, it lasts longer and works optimally.

The hose’s water flow will allow you to release a sufficient amount of water to the roots. The material is good enough to puncture holes throughout the length.

Best Soaker Hoses – Your pick?

Without water, plants would grow weak and unhealthy. It is the gardener’s responsibility to keep the plants, vegetables, flower beds, and saplings hydrated in all seasons, especially when it is sunny. It is wise to invest in a suitable soaker hose that supplies enough water to the plants through a drip irrigation system.

We have listed out 10 best soaker hoses with pros and cons. You can go through each review and choose the best one that fits in your gardening needs. The right hose will make your garden curb appeal for the season.