Best Garden Hoses 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Flexzilla2. Camco3.  NeverKink
Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose Best Garden HoseCamco Water HoseNeverkink Water Hose

While buying the best garden hoses seems like a no-brainer, an underperforming garden hose can drive you mad. Despite the name “garden hose”, you can use these for various purposes which are not related in any way to gardening.

Apart from watering your garden or lawn, you can also use them for feeding livestock, cleaning a vehicle, connect it to your RV, etc. While doing these jobs, you don’t want your garden hose to leak, otherwise, it’d create a huge mess you don’t want to deal with.


Not all garden hoses are the same, and well-made tools will give you good service for years, so it is good to have some product knowledge while you’re looking for the best garden hoses. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of products along with their pros and cons, so you know what to look for.

Top 25 Best Garden Hoses 2020

1. Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose

Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose Best Garden Hose

Many users swear by the Flexzilla garden hose and some even say it is the best rubber garden hose ever. This hose is free from kinks, as expert testing has revealed. Of course, every product has its little flaws, but this one from Flexzilla is near perfect.

By using a lightweight, hybrid polymer for construction, this hose has been built for flexibility and sturdiness. It is also tangle free and abrasion resistant consist of crush-resistant aluminium fittings.

When you fill this hose up with water, you won’t notice any kinks. Many hoses try to retain their shape, due to which, they tend to roll into a coil, making it difficult for you to direct the flow of water.

Due to its flexibility, this garden hose can adjust to the flow of water and lie flat so that you can use the sprinkler effortlessly. It offers extreme all-weather flexibility, while other hoses may get brittle or stiff in cold weather.

This garden hose has a standard diameter of 5/8 inch and can operate safely in temperatures ranging from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it has an O-ring that makes leak-free connections possible. You can also fill it up with drinking water as well since it is 100% lead-free. Drinking water from this hose is safe as it is made from drinking water safe material.


  • Good flexibility and sturdiness
  • Hybrid polymer materials prevent kinks from forming
  • Free from leaks


  • Easily shows dirt
  • Hard to grip, narrow connector

2. Camco Water Hose

Camco Water Hose

In several review sites, the Camco TastePURE is the best-rated garden hose. It is a product that is worth every penny, and you can use this 25ft garden hose for a multitude of purposes like gardening, watering livestock, and camping trips. The material of the hose is free from phthalate, as well as BPA and PVC so you can drink water from the hose without any worries.

Often water coming from drinking hoses have an unpleasant taste of plastic, and thankfully this is not the case with this hose. Another common compliant most garden hose owners have is that their hoses twist and kink underwater pressure, due to which, the material wears down and you need to spend money to buy a new hose again.

This hose, however, has been built to resist kinks. Moreover, it is extremely durable, thanks to the UV stabilization technique.

You can connect the hose ends with any garden hose connections and the product even has a grip connector that allows you to easily connect the hose to a standard connection. It follows all state and federal level laws for lead amount, so you can drink water from the hose without any fear of lead contamination.


  • Free from phthalate and BPA
  • Highly resistant to kinks
  • Plastic taste not present


  • Plastic threads may get deformed
  • Bubbles up occasionally

3. Neverkink Water Hose

Neverkink Water Hose

This commercial water hose is well-suited for construction and landscaping, but you may use it for domestic purposes as well. This hose uses aluminum couplings like those found in aircraft, which when paired with the heavy gauge power coil, relieves strain at the coupling site and prevents the hose from getting tangled.

You don’t need to rotate the hose to screw the couplings to a spigot, and the swivel design makes this job easier. It is engineered with the Reflex Mesh technology which uses a mesh reinforcement network, so that kinks, twists and tangles don’t get started.

The Neversink is a durable water hose that can resist a weight of 1400 pounds without suffering damage. This hose is also free from kinks and you won’t face problems with tangling for up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The hose becomes a bit hard and rigid below that temperature, and it is difficult to control it. Starting from around 100 degrees, the hose might feel a bit soft, but this does not interfere with its functionality.

The hose sleeve is treated with an antibacterial Micro shield which prevents slime growth inside the hose, keeping it clean. It is not made for hot water use and drinking water use.


  • No tangles or kinks
  • Industrial grade couplings
  • Extremely flexible


  • Requires some strength to control
  • Tries to retain shape

4. TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose

TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose

This is one of the best garden hoses you will find in the market. It is made with superior strength 3750D fabric and 4-layer latex.The four-layer latex structure is extremely flexible and you can expand it to 100 feet within a few seconds. The brass connectors are well-protected against leaking, and the product also features a shut-off valve for extra protection.

With this lightweight and flexible hose, you can get a decent pressure, as it quickly expands when you turn on the tap and retracts promptly when you turn it off. It doesn’t kink or tangle, and you can easily move it around. Furthermore, it has a multifunctional nozzle that makes it easy to spray water.

The brass connectors are rust-free, due to which you can use this hose with confidence for a long time. Finally, after you’re done using it, it shrinks into a manageable bundle that you can store anywhere.


  • Advanced leakage protection
  • Durable latex material
  • Shut-off valve present


  • The sprayer is not so durable
  • Very little contracting tension

5. Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

With a lifetime replacement guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this product from Flexi Hose. This speaks volumes about its quality, for if something is wrong with your hose, you get a replacement hose for free. You can get a firm grip with the rubberized handle, and the zinc alloy build means you can use this hose comfortably for years to come.

Moreover, the 8-pattern nozzle allows you to choose the right pressure to use this hose for various purposes such as gardening, cleaning your cars, or pets, etc.

This 17-feet hose is highly expandable, and you can expand it three times and use it for various purposes such as watering your plants, cleaning your pet, and your car. You will find no leaks with this product. The brass connector and latex pipe protect the hose against leakage. Moreover, this hose can withstand a temperature of up to 113 degrees and water pressure of up to 174 psi. This is an incredibly lightweight hose which is ultra-easy to manoeuvre and store.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Can withstand high temperature and water pressure
  • Durable zinc alloy material


  • The seal between the sprayer nozzle and the hose is prone to leakage

6. Water Right Garden Hose

Water Right Garden Hose

This quality product form Water Right is one of the best garden hoses for you if you want a lightweight hose that gives you good water volume and pressure. It can be frustrating to operate an oversized garden hose, for an old person or a person who is not too big cannot move it around with ease. Many hoses weight more than 10 pounds, but this one can be easily moved around because it does not weigh more it is hardly 3 pounds.

With this hose, you can clean your car or water your plants while being 50 feet away from the water source. The durable polyurethane material prevents kinks and allows the hose to function in extreme hot and cold temperatures. It is safe to drink water from this hose, and its polyurethane resin material has been certified by the FDA and NSF for safety.

Furthermore, this hose is crush-resistant and features chrome-plated fittings free from harmful lead. Many users have written positive reviews about this product, praising its lightweight build and durability.

This water right polyurethane hose stays robust in all weather conditions in the hot, cold, or even freezing temperatures. The hose is also soft, versatile and user-friendly with super compact, lightweight and drinking water safe by design.


  • Resistant to kinks
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Suitable for all weathers


  • A bit expensive

7. VIENECI Expandable Garden Hose

VIENECI Expandable Garden Hose

This is a great garden hose to have around your house, because it is easy to move around and you can use it for any purpose as it is quite durable. This hose always holds the water pressure and features a spray nozzle with nine functions, so you can always maintain a steady flow of water.

Although this hose is 100 feet in size, it shrinks to 33 feet after you’re done with it, so you can store it easily anywhere. It is resistant to rust and does not develop leaks or kinks, being made of high-quality durable materials. It is easy to use as it is lightweight and portable. Weighing under 5 pounds, it offers a lot of maneuverability, which is what you want with a garden hose.

The brass connector prevents rust and leaks and the durable body makes it resistant to pressure, making this a great choice for gardening and other purposes. The high-quality construction material and made with water-resistant latex tube and strong webbing ensures no tangle or twist and can be stretched or bend for convenient use.


  • Resistant to kinks
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Suitable for all weathers


  • A bit expensive

8. GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

You will always find this product mentioned in the best garden hose reviews, chiefly because it is so convenient to use. It has the perfect storage size and is lightweight, so you can move it around effortlessly. The shut-off valve and the brass coupling prevent any leakage, and you can also extend this hose to 50 feet.

What’s more, it is extremely sturdy and can resist weights of 3.5 lbs on a grass surface, and 2.3 lbs on concrete. The spray nozzle that comes along with this device has eight patterns, so you can adjust it to suit your purpose. With this hose, you don’t need to worry about kinks and tangles, since it adjusts its shape based on the water pressure.

With its durable latex material, this hose can resist water pressure of up to 145 PSI. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can contact the manufacturer in case of any defects. The hose shrinks back to its original size easily so you will have no problem storing it.

The pressure-resistant latex material is suitable for normal water pressure and do not crack, leak or break. It is constructed of sturdy brass fittings and the metal connectors are indestructible.


  • Strong brass couplings
  • Easy to store and lightweight
  • Comes with a spray nozzle


  • Does not perform that well in cold weather
  • The material might get damaged on a rough pavement

9. Worth Kink Free Garden Hose

Worth Kink Free Garden Hose

This high-quality garden hose form Worth is built for durability and will last you for years to come. With strong rubber seals and strong brass connectors, you will be safe from leakages and carry our cleaning job without any worries.

The best thing about this garden hose is the fact that it manages to minimize the kinks with its 5 layers of quality non-twist PVC material. This way you can finish your job faster as the water flows unobstructed.

The fittings on this hose are weatherproof, it can sustain in extreme weather so you can use it safely in temperatures ranging from -4 to 140 degrees. The hose is made more durable by using industrial-grade rubber and strong brass fittings.

This way, you get to leaks with your hose and it also does not skid on the surface. Furthermore, it comes with a 12-year warranty, so you can get a free repair in case there are any manufacturing defects.

This hose can produce a water pressure of 450 psi, so you can use it to wash your car. This is more than what the other hoses offer, and you can easily clean large surfaces using this.


  • High-quality PVC material
  • 12-year warranty
  • Highly flexible


  • Storage bad not present
  • Spray nozzle not present

10. Poyinro Expandable Garden Hose

Poyinro Expandable Garden Hose 

This 50-foot garden hose from POYINRO is a multipurpose hose that is extremely lightweight, so you can easily carry it around inside your home and outdoors. If you are in the market for a hose that will give you a good length for enhanced manoeuvrability and which doesn’t occupy much space, then this product is perfect for you. The hose is able to save space due to retraction, where it retracts when no water is inside it.

There are no fancy attachments present with this garden hose, but you can adjust the shut-off valve at the site of the couplings to regulate the water flow. The company uses high-quality latex to make the interiors of the hose, due to which it can expand and retract.

The outer surface is durable polyester, which gives you a comfortable grip and also protects the interiors from any damage.

You can use this garden hose for various purposes without any tangles, snags, or kinks.


  • Extremely portable
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Shut-off valve for flow control


  • No attachments

11. TheFitLife Flexible Garden Hose

TheFitLife Flexible Garden Hose

If you are looking for the best hose under $30, this product from TheFitLife might be a good choice for you. It has the perfect length and diameter combination for optimum performance and gets the work done quickly and efficiently. Its interiors consist of latex, due to which it can withstand rough usage.

There is no coiling with this water hose, and it expands and lays out flat as you fill it with water, making it easy for you to move it around. This way, it does not develop kinks and delivers perfect water pressure.

The brass couplings allow you to achieve a tight attachment with a spigot or a sprinkler. It does leak or crack, and can resist heavy pressure, making it last for years.

This hose can expand to thrice its size so you can use it far away from the water source. It is also extremely lightweight and easy to store. The strongest outer polyester fabric is denser and rougher, and can effectively protect the 13-layer inner tube. The spray nozzle has watering setting of 8 types to suit all your watering needs.


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Elastic exterior and latex interior
  • Does not leak, kink, or corrode


  • The spray nozzle could be better
  • Needs steady water pressure to remain expanded

12. Aterod Expandable Garden Hose 

Aterod Expandable Garden Hose

Are you tired of worrying about the length of your garden hose? Then this product from Aterod is just for you. This garden hose has an original length of 17ft, but when you fill it up with water, it expands to 50ft. Due to this, you can reach the distant corners of your garden with ease. It retains its original size when the water pressure is not present, making it easy for you to store the hose.

The hose features strong brass fitting and double layered latex, due to which it can withstand wear and tear and lasts for years. It can resist high water pressures of up to 174 psi.

There is an extra durable casing that covers the latex pipe, protecting it from damage. The spraying nozzle has nine spray functions such as cone, shower, jet, mist, angle, soaker, center, flat, and full, which adds to the versatility of this hose.

This is a flexible hose which will never tangle, twist, or develop cracks, and provide you with long-term service.


  • Highly expandable
  • Durable latex material
  • Withstands high pressure


  • Connectors between hose and nozzle are a bit flimsy
  • A bit too lightweight

13. Higen Expandable Garden Hose

Higen Expandable Garden Hose

You should consider this quality product from Higen if you are looking to buy the best garden hose. It is highly expandable and easy to use, so it is an excellent choice for gardening and other cleaning purposes. Only the best latex is used for making this hose, and there are brass connectors present which keeps your hose from leaking or bursting.

Because of its quality material and sophisticated construction, this is considered by many to be one of the best products. Seeing as this hose does not get damaged in warm temperatures of 41 to 113 degrees, you can safely use it outdoors on a warm sunny day.

The spray nozzle has a comfortable grip, and 9 different spraying patterns namely soaker, angle, jet, center, full, mist, cone, shower, and flat. This way, you can cover more area while using the hose.

Once you drain the water out of the hose, it will retract, so you can easily carry it with you, and storage is also made easy.


  • Can reach farthest distances
  • Nine spray patterns
  • Durable latex material


  • A bit too long
  • Loses pressure occasionally

14. Flexzilla SwivelGrip Garden Hose

Flexzilla SwivelGrip Garden Hose

Flexzilla has been making the best garden hoses for a while now, and the SwivelGrip hose is a particularly popular product. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminium, the couplers on this hose are exceptionally strong and crush resistant. The SwivelGrip its comfortably over the couplers, and allows you to utilize the full strength of your hand while operating the hose.

This is the ideal hose for those who are old or have weak hands because it is so lightweight and easy to use. While you’re trying to attach a coupler to another hose or a faucet, the hose does not flop around as it turns independently.

Moreover, this hose has a tensile strength greater than 25,000 lbs and can withstand a maximum pressure of 150 PSI without getting damaged.

According to the company, the hose can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and remain flexible all the time. Despite being so flexible, it does not kink or get pinched.


  • Easy to attach coupler
  • Drinking water safe
  • Extremely durable


  • Gets knotted occasionally
  • A bit expensive

15. Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose

Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose

Although this garden hose from Tuff-Guard may look somewhat unimpressive, performance-wise, it is one of the best products you will find in the market. It is lightweight and durable and does not develop kinks at any water pressure level.

The outer layer of this hose is made of stiff thermoplastic elastomer which contains braided polyester centre for strength and flexibility. The hose does not collapse when you try to fold it, so your water flow does not get interrupted.

The thermoplastic elastomer is the reason why such a large hose is so lightweight and easy to move around. You will need to apply roughly 7 lbs force to drag the hose across a concrete floor, while for grass, you need to apply roughly 8 lbs. The brass fittings on the hose are strong and able to resist the weight of small vehicles.

The hose can maintain its internal diameter due to the expanded ferrules, which leads to an optimum flow of water and no leakages. It has a 300- psi burst pressure and 100 psi working pressure.


  • No kinks
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Optimum water flow


  • Connectors could be better
  • A bit expensive

16. Hyrixdirect Lightweight Garden Hose

Hyrixdirect Lightweight Garden Hose

Only the best garden hose can afford to have a 12 months replacement policy, and this product by HYRIXDIRECT is proof of that. The strong bass connectors are an indication of its quality and tell you that this hose is not here to mess around. The 3/4th inch long connectors are highly resistant to damage and rust and makes the product last for years.

This hose is made of extra flexible polyester fabric, which makes it extremely flexible and stretchy. It also has double latex tubing due to which under no condition will you find this hose leaking, which is a blessing for people doing regular gardening and cleaning.

Although the original length of the hose is 17 feet, when you fill it up with water, it can extend up to 100 feet, and allow you to use the hose in the farthest corners.

The spray nozzle that comes with this hose is extremely versatile, given its 8 spray patterns some of which are flat, shower, jet, and rain.


  • Highly expandable up to 100 feet
  • Returns to original size quickly
  • The spray nozzle has 8 patterns


  • A bit prone to leakage

17. Giraffe Tools Hybrid Water Hose

Giraffe Tools Hybrid Water Hose

If you are looking for the best water hose that is durable and tough, you could go for this quality product from Giraffe Tools which is made out of hybrid polymer. Despite being sturdy, it is extremely flexible and suitable for different tasks.

This is due to the multiple layers of hybrid polymer that makes this hose extremely stable. The material used for making this hose is resistant to abrasion, so this product will last you for years.

You can work with this hose in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 150 degrees. After you are done working with the hose, you easily coil it and wrap it up, and due to its high-quality material, you don’t have to worry about kinking.

With a working pressure of 150 psi, you can use this hose at residential water pressure. Moreover, the brass fittings have an advanced locking mechanism due to which the seal is tight and there are no leaks.

The strength of this hose has been tested many times and it has remained a favorite of the customers.


  • Extremely tough
  • Swivel grip present
  • Will not burst, kink, or tangle


  • Not drinking safe
  • Spray nozzle not present

18. Monyar Expandable Garden Hose 

Monyar Expandable Garden Hose

Some people claim this is the best garden hose based on the fact that it has a multipurpose spray nozzle with nine different functions. The nozzle has extra gaskets and a hose hook and is extremely powerful. You can’t go wrong with the strong brass fittings of this device that prevents leakages and kinks.

With the high strength polyester self-retracting wall, you can expand the hose to three times its original length, so it gives you more room for manoeuvrability.

The hose body is made of multi-layered latex, so it can withstand high pressure and even the weight of your car. Moreover, comfy and slip-resistant exterior lets you get a good grip while cleaning.

Thanks to its flexibility and lightweight design, you can easily store this hose anywhere. When you drain the water, the hose will return to its original shape. You can also adjust the water pressure using a controlling knob. It comes along with a storage bag and a holder.


  • Easy portability and storage
  • Made of multi-layered latex
  • No need to squeeze


  • A bit difficult to expand to full size

19. Orbit 26380 Garden Hose

Orbit 26380 Garden Hose

If you prefer coil hoses, then this might be the best garden hose you can find in the market. It is easy to stretch this hose to 25 feet and then coil it up back to its original size when your work is done.

If you do not plan to use your water hose with too much pressure, or with the garden sprinkler, then this not so ideal. However, for other purposes, this hose gives you great value for money.

It is much easier to manage this type of hose, as it takes up less space than the traditional garden hose. You don’t need to loop or wind it, again and again, to put it away. It also gives you perfect reach and optimum water pressure for cleaning purposes.

The sprayer head on this hose is quite decent and easy to control. It has 8 spraying patterns namely, mist, full, cone, flat, angle, center, shower, and jet. You can use this hose for your pool, porch, hanging basket, or patio. The grip is comfortable enough and lets you work for a long period without straining your hand.


  • Self-coiling hose
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Sprayed head included


  • Cannot be used for all applications

20. BluBird AG-Lite Rubber Garden Hose

BluBird AG-Lite Rubber Garden Hose

The Ag-Lite from BluBird is the best hose for you if sturdiness is what you need from your product. Rubber hoses are often difficult to maneuver, but this model is lighter than the other products made from rubber.

It can accommodate large amounts of water, due to its 3/4-inch diameter, although it means you have to put some effort to drag it across a grass surface.

The best thing about this hose has to be its water capacity. At 650 gallons per hour, it can carry more water than the other similar products in the market. Furthermore, the hose fittings are made of strong brass, and further plated with chrome for extra durability. You can use this rubber hose in any weather conditions, as they won’t turn soft due to heat or go stiff due to the cold.

Being able to handle a maximum temperature of 212 degrees, this hose will never disappoint you, no matter the temperature of the water. You can make this product last for years, and it also comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Flow rate is high
  • Lightweight for a rubber hose


  • A bit expensive

21. SunGreen Expandable Water Hose

SunGreen Expandable Water Hose

This hose can withstand pressures between 43 and 174 psi, and it retracts to its original size as soon as you turn off the water supply. This makes it easy for you to fit it inside the storage bag that comes with this product. This is an extremely sturdy hose that will not suffer from wear o tear, as long as you drain all the water from it before storing.

This product has additional strength fabric that makes it all the more productive and durable. It is also highly expandable and flexible so you can use it for watering a large surface. The product also comes with a couple of rubber washers that allow you to clean your garden better.

Another notable feature of this hose is the strong brass fitting through which you can get a tight seal when you connect your hose to a water source. This way you hose never leaks water and causes you problems. Since it retracts to 25 feet, it occupies very little room and you can easily store it anywhere.


  • Flexible in cold weather
  • Occupies little room
  • Strong brass fittings for reliable connection


  • A bit susceptible to heat
  • A bit difficult to expand it fully

22. Alma Expandable Garden Hose

Alma Expandable Garden Hose

Featuring four layers of latex, this is the best water hose you can get if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks. It has an original length of 17 feet which quickly expands to 50 feet when filled with water.

It can handle a water pressure of 174 psi and comes with a durable metal spray nozzle that has a shut-off valve and eight different spray patterns, so you can use it for various purposes.

This flexible and lightweight hose comes with a hanger and a storage bag, so you easily stow it away once you’re done working. It will give you good water pressure for all cleaning purposes because it is constructed using durable and flexible material that does not produce any kinks.

It takes up very little space, and you can easily collapse it and store it somewhere safe. Once you turn off the water source, the hose drains itself quickly.

Moreover, this hose has nickel-plated fittings, polyester fabric, and latex pipe so it is free from kinks, tangles, and leaks.


  • No kinks or tangles
  • Durable sprayer nozzle
  • Highly expandable


  • Susceptible to tearing
  • The spray nozzle is not that durable

23. Todoya Lightweight Garden Hose

This is a large, multipurpose hose that you can use for washing cars, watering gardens, or cleaning your garage or walkway. It can withstand a pressure of 174 psi and a high temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking or going soft. It is made using a 3750D material that does not crack or develop kinks over time.

Moreover, this hose comes with brass connectors that are sturdy and fit most water faucets. They do not break if you drop them, or sprout leakages under high water pressure. Because of the bras valve, you can easily turn off the water without the hose flailing. You can use this product for a long time, without fearing about rust and corrosion.

Finally, if anything goes wrong, there is the 60-day refund policy you can make use of.


  • High-pressure threshold
  • High-temperature threshold
  • Extremely flexible


  • Does not contract easily

24. Zalotte Master Garden Hose

Zalotte Master Garden Hose

If you are looking for the best garden hose, you can choose this product as it is extremely popular which is an indication of its good performance. This hose made of high-quality latex and features sturdy brass connectors.

This means under circumstances will you find this hose leaking. The woven casing colored green and black further protects the hose from damage.

The spray nozzle that comes with this hose has nine different patterns, along with a rotating bezel that lets you select the right spraying pattern for your purpose. Moreover, it can withstand a high temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit and does not turn soft due to the heat.

This is a great hose if you don’t need to reach more than 27 feet for your cleaning. The hose will return to its original size once you drain the water so you can easily store it anywhere. This is a hose that will last you for years without developing cracks, tears, or kinks.


  • Versatile spray nozzle
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Brass fittings and superior latex make it durable


  • A bit short in length

25. Pure Expandable Garden Hose

Pure Expandable Garden Hose

This high-quality product from PURE manages to achieve the perfect balance between performance and flexibility due to which it is considered the best garden hose by many users.

It is extremely lightweight and durable at the same time and does not tangle or twist when filled with water, making it easier for you to move it around.

This hose has multiple layers of latex that contribute to its durability, making it last for years. Using the removable sprayer, you get a reliable spray pattern for multiple purposes. The grip is comfortable and the strong fittings ensure there are no leaks anywhere. Moreover, it comes with a 12-month warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.


  • Durable latex core
  • The spray pattern is adjustable
  • Large and strong fittings


  • A bit too lightweight
  • The threads on the hose may tear

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Garden Hose

You may be asking yourself, what is the best garden hose, and what do you need to look for while buying one. They come in many sizes, styles, and colors, and include features like microbial protection, durable construction, and kink resistance.

As such, it is not enough just to browse the different available products. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind while buying garden hoses.

1. Length

A longer garden hose won’t always give you the best performance. You need to carefully consider the length of the hose based on what purpose you’re planning to use it for and how much space is available for storage.

Longer hoses are difficult to operate and store. Most garden hoses are between 25 to 100 feet in length, and the longer they get, the lesser is the water pressure.

So, you need to figure out how much farther from the water source do you need to take the hose. If you only need a long hose occasionally, sometimes it is better to buy two shorter hoses and join them together. Some hoses are highly expandable when you increase the water pressure.

2. Durability

Ideally, a water hose should last you at least a few years. You should choose a product that is made from high-quality materials. Brass fittings are a good choice because they do not get crushed easily and extend the life of your garden hose. Brass couplings are important if you are buying multiple hoses and plan to join them together.

Many hoses are made of rubber because it is durable and copes better with extreme temperatures. They can be heavier and more flexible than the hoses made of vinyl. Although vinyl hoses are cheaper than the rubber ones, they are not nearly as durable.

3. Type

Apart from the regular ones, there are some hoses you can use for special purposes. Soaker and sprinkler hoses are ideal for irrigating gardens and lawns. You can easily use sprinkler hoses to water the ground and they are also able to direct the spray upwards.

You can bury a porous soaker hose under mulch for storage. These hoses are good for watering the roots of your plants by leaking a small amount of water, and they create minimum waste.

Then there are commercial hoses that can handle extreme temperatures and handle rough use. However, these are not usually drinking water safe. You should remember that most hoses are suited for ambient water temperature, and you should only use hot water for hoses that are designed to handle it.

4. Material

You will commonly find three types of materials used for making hoses- reinforced, rubber, and vinyl. Vinyl is the cheapest option but they are no so durable and tear easily. They are protected by the means of a radical cord. Rubber is a durable option and hoses made of rubber are resistant to cracking, ozone deterioration, and hot temperatures. But rubber hoses are expensive and kind of heavy.

Reinforced hoses use mesh lining for extra protection and they do not kink or split easily. They are also able to withstand high water pressure.

5. Cost

A good quality hose will cost you a considerable amount of money. Hoses are long term investments and you shouldn’t always look for a cheap option because they won’t last long. Rubber hoses with brass fittings are considered the best but they also cost more.

You will find many online and offline stores having sales at the beginning or end of a season. Buying a quality product for a fair price is essential because the product will last for a long time.

FAQs on Garden Hoses

1. What Diameter Garden Hose Should I Buy?

If you are looking to water a small garden or hanging baskets, you should get a hose with a standard 3/4-inch diameter. A larger diameter hose allows it to hold more water.

2. Do Rubber Garden Hoses Kink?

In reality, all hoses kink a bit if you twist them. But rubber hoses are your best choice because they are more resistant to kinks.

3. How Do I Keep My Garden Hose From Kinking?

Rather than winding up a hose and stashing it somewhere, you should keep a hose straight when you’re not using it. You can stretch it along the edge of your lawn and attach it to the tap.

4. Can Expandable Garden Hoses Be Repaired?

If your hose leaks the fittings, you can use wire cutters and pliers to cut off the part with the leak and putting the whole thing back together.

Get The Best Garden Hoses Today And Meet Your Watering Goals

A garden hose is a good investment and a great asset to your home. With all the information provided here, you should be able to find a hose that suits your purpose. You should first figure out the length you need and then go for a durable product from a reputed company offering a warranty.