Best Watering Cans 2020: Review & Buyer’s Guide

1. Cado 631822. Cado Hunter3. Behrens
Cado Elephant Best Watering CanCado Hunter Green 2 Gallons Behrens Silver 210

No matter if you are a beginner landscaper or an experienced urban gardener you are going to need the best watering can in multiple situations. For example, plants like tomato, zucchini, eggplant, or cucumber require heavy watering at their roots, but at the same time, their leaves should not get wet.

If you use gardening tools like hose or sprinkler, you are going to drench them from top to bottom, and that would not be very good for those plants.


In cases like this, a watering can comes handy, which allows you to gently water the bases of these plants directly while leaving their leaves dry.

As you can see, the best watering cans address the issues you might have with sprinklers or hoses, making it an essential tool for any gardening need.
Now, choosing the ideal Watering Can is crucial as it depends on a multitude of conditions.

In this article, we have listed 15 best Watering Cans of 2020 for every budget, and you must go through until the end to find out which one fits your particular needs.

Top 15 Best Watering Cans 2020

1. Cado Elephant Watering Can

Cado Elephant Best Watering CanIf your usage is simple and requires a lightweight option, the Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can should fit the bill. It comes with a modern tulip design, and its durable construction, made with premium plastic material, makes it one of the best watering cans, which is perfect for long term use.

This Watering Can is water-resistant and remains in its color and look for years without showing any sign of fading despite heavy usage. Its long trunk with an opening of 1.5 inches ensures smooth flowing of water without giving you any issue like low water pressure or blockage. It features an entry point at the rear, which guarantees natural and hassle-free water filling.

The Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can measures 13″H x 7.25″W x 17″L, and it weighs 4.8oz only, requiring less space to store and lightweight enough for one-hand operation. It resembles an elephant head and looks unique and beautiful. If you want to present something to someone who is a passionate gardener, this stunning piece of Water Can could make a perfect gift item.


  • Natively made in the USA
  • Stunning design
  • The superior-quality plastic material used
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Water holding capacity of 2 gallons


  • Water can spill when filled beyond 2/3rd

2. Cado Hunter Green 2 Gallons 

Cado Hunter Green 2 Gallons The Hunter Green 2 Gallons Watering Can 63065 by Cado is probably the best-designed one we have seen lately, and for good reasons. It’s less expensive compared to similar other options.

It can hold a generous volume of 2 gallons of liquid, which should be enough for a regular home garden. Its sprinkler head comes with 1.5 inches holes that are just appropriately sized, ensuring your smaller plants won’t get flooded by a sudden splash of water.

The sprinkler head itself is firmly screwed, making it almost impossible to fall off even with rigorous handling.

This Watering Can further comes with two handles, one at the rear and another at the top, and the rear water filling point ensures zero spillage when you’re tipping the can during usage, making watering with the can an easy affair.

This watering can is extremely durably built with high-quality water-resistant plastic and is well within the budget. It’s lightweight, but not fragile; instead, its sturdy construction can withstand long term usage like a breeze.


  • Great build quality
  • Uniformly sized sprinkler holes of 1.5 inches each
  • Sprinkler head comes with a replaceable screw
  • Premium-quality water-resistant plastic
  • Designed in the USA


  • The filling point could have been a bit larger for faster filling

3. Behrens Silver 210

Behrens Silver 210If you have used a lot of watering cans in the past and all fell short of your expectations, try Behrens Silver 210 Steel Watering Can, and be ready to be amazed by its vintage zinc finish classic appearance and exceptional quality.

People buy plastic cans mainly for two reasons – they weigh less, and plastic is an easily-recyclable material.

However, those who are avid landscapers and want a proper watering can that would fit their extensive watering needs, this steel one from Behrens would be the best watering can they can buy for an affordable cost.

The watering can offer precise handling, thanks to it’s a pail type handle. Although its sprinkler head is attached permanently, it’s firm enough to never make you feel the need for a replaceable one.

Some may complain about its rough surface; however, the Watering Can is made of high-quality plating steel that is bound to have a little unevenness, and its superior build quality makes it one of the best watering cans that is rodent proof and resistant to rusting.


  • High-strength steel to serve for years
  • Premium quality watering can with a classic look
  • Water-resistant and rust-proof zinc-finished build
  • Can be recycled easily


  • Welding quality could have been better
  • Plastic handle is prone to breaking

4. Novelty Pearl ½ Gallon

Pearl ½ Gallon Indoor Watering Can 30602 by Novelty

If you are watering your kitchen plants with a pitcher so far, you are missing out on the best watering can that would be ideal for your indoor watering needs. We are talking about Novelty’s ½ gallon pearl indoor watering can, and you won’t be able to deny its countless benefits as an indoor watering can.

It has a capacity of holding ½ gallons of liquid, which is just the right volume of water for a small indoor kitchen garden. And due to its lightweight, yet sturdy and impact resistant build quality, handling it would never make you feel exhausted.

The filling hole is generously wide and is conveniently located to the side, preventing the handle from coming in the way when pouring the water. Its design allows you to fill it up to the can’s full capacity without spilling a drop outside, provided you are not letting it tipped too far, of course.

The spout is pretty long, making it easily reachable to the inside of a big plant without having you to face much trouble.

The openings in the spout are perfectly sized to deliver a smooth and gentle water stream to the plants. The ergonomic design ensures that the positioning of your hand will determine the water flow allowing you to control its speed.


  • USA-made high-quality water can
  • Inexpensive and stylish
  • Durable construction
  • Plastic body is made to be shatter proof and resistant to UV
  • The relatively smaller size makes it perfect for indoor usage
  • Convenient storing and handling


  • Not a practical watering can for anything larger than a small kitchen garden

5. Bloem Easy Pour 2.6 Gallon

Bloem Easy Pour 2.6 GallonIf you are looking to replace your old trusted watering can and think you are not going to be satisfied with another model, think again, as the Easy Pour 2.6 Gallon Black Watering Can (20-47287CP) by Bloem might surpass your previous one in terms of performance, efficiency, and convenience.

Avid gardeners are going to love its top filling point, which can be found at one side that allows one to put the can in the sink for the faucet to pour into it straight, and the handle does not interfere during the action.

Furthermore, its dual handle feature makes the watering a fuss-free affair. The unique handle position also eases stress on the wrists that will help you water your plants better.

It holds 2.6 gallons of water, which would be more than enough for the majority of the outdoor watering requirements. Made with water resistant plastic that also provides UV protection, this watering can has a filling port that can be filled easily under any spigot.

The spout comes with an adjustable head that can be twisted to choose between sprinkling mode and stream mode. This way you can get the benefits of a hose from the watering can.


  • Huge 2.6 gallons water holding capacity
  • Fantastic handling, thanks to its double handle feature
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Weather proof and BPA free plastic body offers more longevity
  • Surprisingly lightweight despite its sturdy build


  • Due to its black color, it can’t be left outside under the sun as the water will become too hot

6. Sky Blue

Sky BlueWith a moderate 1-gallon water holding capacity, this Sky Blue Indoor model by Novelty could be the best watering can any day for those who are looking for a lightweight and convenient option and ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor potted plants.

It comes with measurement marks on the outside where it shows half and one gallon. The body is made of high-quality thick plastic which is UV resistant. The handle is sturdy and can be gripped comfortably from both above and behind. The design of the handle also allows easy hand movement that impacts the flow and speed of the water.

The Sky Blue Indoor Watering Can by Novelty comes with two filling holes on the right and left side, which is a great feature and will come handy in a sink with limited space while pouring water directly from the faucet. Its long necked spout ensures easy reach for the bushy and larger plants, which were probably giving you a hard time previously when you wanted to water around their bases.

The spout has a small mouth that helps with a manageable and gentle water flow. If you fill the can completely, it may feel a bit heavy to manage for some. However, its generous 1-gallon size ensures that you don’t need to fill it up to the top more often compared to other smaller-sized indoor cans.


  • Aesthetically pleasing with beautiful sky blue color
  • Durable and lightweight, thanks to its superior quality recycled plastic
  • Water-resistant and shatterproof body
  • Embossed measurements on the side
  • Two opening points on both sides
  • The long stem is beneficial to water the bases of the bushy plants


  • Some users reported a water leakage problem at the bottom

7. Gardener’s Select Lemon Yellow

Gardener's Select Lemon YellowIf you wanted to have a non-plastic can for your outdoor watering needs, this 3.5 Liter Lemon Yellow AW3003P6LZ Watering Can by Gardener’s Select would be an ideal pick. It distinctively looks better than the plastic cans, thanks to its vibrant lemon yellow color. The paint job is top-notch, and lots of users left raving reviews about it.

Many gardeners do not like metal cans due to rusting issues and poor build quality but not with this one. You are going to love its extremely high construction quality since it comes with top-quality powder-coating on the surface, which makes it weather-resistant and prevents any rusting or leakage problems.

The two handles of this watering can make it easy for you to pour up to the end if you need to, and it’s amazingly controllable during watering.

The removable sprinkler head comes with a gasket and provides a smooth stream of water, ensuring an adequate shower to the plants. The price is also reasonable, especially when you consider the premium build quality, which would serve you for many years.


  • Despite the solid build quality, it’s surprisingly lightweight
  • The powder-coated surface makes it ideal for outdoor usage
  • Non-plastic sturdy metal construction
  • Comes with an O-ring that prevents leakage
  • Vibrant color adds to the aesthetics


  • The can leaks at the joint of the stem and the spout head

8. Bloem Aqua Rite 

Bloem Aqua Rite If you needed a long-necked watering can, which is not essentially an overpriced, plastic-made toy that will hardly last a few weeks, your search might end with the Aqua Rite Watering Can from Bloem. It’s just rightly priced and available for less than $10, but extremely well-built for a watering can made of plastic.

It holds little more than a gallon of liquid comfortably, and pretty straight-forward to fill, thanks to its broad opening at the top. The main feature of this model should be its solid construction quality, which is quite surprising considering the fact that it’s not a metal can, but a molded plastic piece with a unibody. The usage of a single plastic to construct the can prevents any leakage due to the absence of joints.

It’s hard to speak of any cons as this watering can simply do what it has been made to do. The Aqua Rite model by Bloem would withstand many years of extensive usage, provided you don’t drop the can when it’s full or leave it outdoors under the scorching sun or in freezing weather for days.

The longer neck lets one navigate through the big plants effortlessly. If you want to reach the base of a plant to water the pot uniformly, the Aqua Rite watering can make your job hassle-free.


  • More than gallon holding capacity
  • Comfortable handling
  • Perfect for indoor usage
  • Can add plant nutrients to the watering can
  • BPA-free high-quality plastic material
  • UV resistant surface


  • Some find the can to be expensive

9. Bloem Light

Bloem LightIf you are looking for a basic watering can for your indoor kitchen garden for a long time, but disappointed by reading rants by the users of most plastic models which leak like crazy, have a look at the Light Weight 2 Gallon Traditional Watering Can by Bloem. It is one of the best watering cans we have seen lately for what it costs in the plastic-made segment.

It’s a one-piece injection-molded resin watering can (yes, the spout is included) hence, there’s no chance of water leakage. Sometimes seams of such plastic molded cans leak, but this one is solidly built, ensuring you don’t experience anything like that. The color is a shade of black or grey, which some may not like, but it’s neutral enough to not interfere with your indoor aesthetics.

The can holds two gallons when full, and pouring water straight into it is a pretty fuss-free affair. The extended handle helps you to balance the can nicely even when you fill it up to the maximum.


  • Heavy-duty resin construction
  • One-piece design ensures zero leakage
  • Easy to pour, easy to handle
  • Neutral color to fit any indoor
  • Great value for money


  • The handle joints could be sanded a bit for a more comfortable grip

10. Bloem Aqua Rite

Bloem Aqua RiteMany veteran gardeners and landscapers simply love Bloem products for their fantastic build quality and long-lasting performance, and this 56 oz Aqua Rite Calypso Watering Can from Bloem is no exception.

If you have outdoor and indoor gardens both and need to water them differently, it will be just perfect for a wide range of sprinkling styles, making it among the best watering cans available for such an affordable price.

It handles excellently, and the water stream is even and gentle. However, what we liked the most is its spout. You will be able to get around the bushy plants without having to put much effort. The watering can boasts of a one-piece construction that ensures that leakage is prevented.

The can comes with half gallon water holding capacity, which may not be enough for larger outdoor gardens, but should be ideal for indoor houseplants.

Although it says half a gallon on paper, still a little room will be left even after filling that amount, allowing you to mix some fertilizer if needed without causing any water spillage. The color of this model is a shade of ocean-blue, which is soothing to the eye, and it’s what you see is what you get.


  • Half gallon size makes it small enough to handle comfortably
  • BPA-free and UV-resistant high-quality plastic body
  • One-piece molded build eliminates any risk of water leak
  • Long spout for accessing base of bushy plants
  • Eye-soothing aqua color


  • The finish could have been a bit better

11. Bloem Aqua Rite 144 oz

Bloem Aqua Rite 144 ozThe Aqua Rite 144 oz Watering Can by Bloem is a surprisingly long-lasting watering can which proves its high-end build quality and unmatched durability.

The filling point is of the right diameter that allows one to pour under the faucet effortlessly, and its 144 oz volume is perfect for various watering needs. The can is compact, so it doesn’t take much space to store, and it’s lightweight at the same time, which adds to the convenience and easy-handling factor.

If you are looking for a watering can that can be easy to store, use, and have an aesthetic value then this watering can should be in your list of considerations. Available in many eye-catching colors, the Aqua Rite series from Bloem is one of the brand’s more popular product ranges.


  • A generous 144 oz. volume
  • Made with polypropylene plastic that is resistant to UV rays
  • The highly durable one-piece plastic build
  • Made of 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Reasonably priced


  • The edges should have been smoothened for easy gripping

12. Rainmaker Watering Can

Rainmaker Watering CanPeople who hate watering cans made of plastic should take a glance at this Rainmaker HGC708916 Watering Can, and their opinion about plastic cans will be changed for good.

Admittedly it looks like a typical plastic-made one as it really is, but the similarity ends there. In build quality, it boasts excellent craftsmanship, and functionally remarkable.

Though it comes in bright blue color only it can be easily overlooked if one takes its years of performance and durable construction into account. Those who are frustrated with the leaking and rusting problems of those conventional metal models, the Rainmaker HGC708916 would be the best watering can one can ask for the price it’s being offered.

This water can is big sized with a capacity of more than 3 gallons, which enables you to use it for an extended period without refilling it repeatedly. The filling and pouring action are effortless as well, making it manageable while you’re watering the garden.

You can control the water flow with the use of the sprinkling rose head or use the spout for a steady flow. The detachable rose sprinkler can be safely tucked at the protruding stem behind the main watering stem.


  • Heavy-duty construction handles multiple seasons
  • The filling hole diameter is wide enough to be poured by a garden hose
  • Textured handle assists in gripping the can firmly
  • Comes with measurements on the outer side
  • Detachable rose sprinkling head


  • Filling it entirely up to its full capacity makes the can heavier and difficult to handle

13. MyLifeUnit Elegant Plastic

Elegant Plastic Watering Can from MyLifeUNIT

The Elegant Plastic Watering Can from MyLifeUNIT is its own league, thanks to its contemporary design and vibrant green color. It looks cute and amazingly functional at the same time. Although if you are planning to water your outdoor garden with this one, it will take you multiple trips to the faucet to fill the can repeatedly.

Therefore, it will be wise to keep the Plastic Watering Can from MyLifeUNIT for your indoor watering purpose, and it will add to the aesthetic elegance of any indoor as well.

Don’t be fooled by its awesome looks; this watering can is not a novelty item. The body is made from hard and durable resin and the narrow spout makes watering convenient.

Yes, it will enhance your kitchen garden aesthetics to another level, but it’s sturdy build, comfortable grip, narrow spout opening, and the unique no-cap design of the filling hole makes it extremely useful, and one of the best watering cans money can buy.


  • Looks stunning
  • Durably built
  • High-quality plastic used
  • Narrow spout head allows precise watering


  • A little on the expensive side

14. Homarden Copper

Homarden 40oz Copper Colored Watering Can

If you’re more of a person who doesn’t only need a functional watering can but prefers a model that will surely elevate the indoor looks and complements your nicely designed houseplants, the Homarden 40oz Copper Colored Watering Can is the ideal one to pick.

Its straight edge spout allows better control when you are pouring the water into it. The round handle lets you adjust the grip according to your need, and aids in managing the can while pouring from any height. The handle and spout are interconnected, which helps to control the stream of water.

Now, coming to its capacity, which is just 0.3 gallon that makes it not very beneficial if you are looking for something to water a standard-sized garden.

It’s perfect for a small kitchen garden, though, and will definitely look gorgeous, thanks to its high-quality retro copper paint finish, making it an essential show-piece. It’s made of top-grade stainless steel that makes it one durable water can that would withstand long-term usage.


  • Astonishing retro design with vintage copper finish
  • The long spout is suitable for watering plants kept in height.
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Perfect to gift to a kid who is having their first gardening experience


  • Some find the can to be too small for proper functionality

15. Imeea Brushed Stainless Steel

IMEEA Brushed Stainless Steel Watering Can

The IMEEA Brushed Stainless Steel Watering Can is a piece of art and boasts superior functionality as well. It doesn’t leak since the parts are nicely welded however the superb polishing makes it appear as a one-piece model. Its narrow spout can easily find space in-between a bushy plant and assists you in delivering a precise and controllable water flow.

The recommended water volume is only 200 ml, making it more of a decoration item than a real can to water a sizable garden. The can’s ideal usage will be in small condos where one can water their tiny houseplants or for a kid to water their little potted plants.

Are you searching for the best watering can to give your neighbor kid who is passionate about gardening on his/her birthday? You simply can’t go wrong with the IMEEA Brushed Stainless Steel Watering Can.


  • Premium quality stainless steel material
  • High-end brushed finish to prevent scratches and corrosion
  • The mini watering can is an ideal gift idea for kids


  • Holds a maximum of 300 ml of liquid

Factors To Consider And Buying The Best Watering Can

The watering can is not just another tool for the garden. If you are not careful of your selection, you might end up spending more for a can hat is not up to your requirements and will give you a wrist ache and headache. Following the factors listed below, you can decide what kind of watering will fit you perfectly.

1. Plastic Or Metal

There are numerous options available in either material, and you need to be sure about your specific requirements before choosing the right one. If you want to water a large outdoor garden, forget about plastic cans as they are not going to withstand the rigorous usage.

Instead, look for a high-quality metal model, preferably stainless steel. It’s further important to check the welding finish, paint job quality, and fit and finish of the joints.

However, if it’s a small kitchen garden for which you need a watering can, you should be looking for a beautiful premium-quality plastic can. Looks are crucial here; otherwise, it’s going to affect the aesthetic appeal of your house.

2. Spout Lenght

Look for a lengthier spout for a precise watering job to plants that are larger in size and bushy. It will also help you reach the wall-mounted plants.

3. Build Quality

Another vital factor is construction quality when choosing the best watering can. If you’re buying a plastic watering can make sure it’s made of BPA-free and UV-resistant material. It will be better if you buy cans made of one-piece molded plastic, which is more durable and free from leakage.

For the metal watering cans, they must come with a corrosion-resistant coating to withstand outdoor weather. Check the welding quality, screws, and bolts, wherever applicable. You can also look for a detachable sprinkler head so that you can use the same tool for watering leaves and the roots.

4. Water Holding Capacity

If you don’t like to have multiple trips to the sink when you are watering, choose one with the larger size. However, it must not be too large to make the handling uncomfortable, which will essentially ruin the original purpose.

FAQs on Watering Cans

1. Do I Need A Watering Can At All?

Not necessarily. If you have access to a hose for your outdoor garden, you probably do not need one. And people sometimes use measuring cups or a kettle to water their indoor houseplants, which should be more than enough in the majority of the cases.

However, watering cans have their own specific usage. For example, if you have a wall-mounted planter, a watering can would be needed to water them accordingly. Or sometimes it gets tedious when you are watering in-between a bushy plant; watering cans with long spouts would help you to have an accurate and precise water stream in such cases.

2. When Should I Use Watering Can For?

At the time of seeding or transplanting, watering cans will be beneficial as they will allow you to provide the right amount of water in a gentle and smooth flow. Using hoses would be harmful in these cases as hosing would be harsh on the delicate seedlings. While outdoor sprinklers are excellent watering tools, they can over-drench specific areas while leaving some others dry..

3. Metal Or Plastic Watering Can Which One Should I Pick?

It depends on your requirements. If you need one for outdoor gardening, it should be a high-quality metal can, in most cases, unless, of course, you find a premium plastic watering can that would match the longevity and performance of a metal model. For anything indoor, you can either choose a metal or plastic can as per your wish..

4. Should I Go For A Sprinkler Attached One?

Yes, you should. But make sure it’s attached firmly with the help of screws or welding. Also, check if the head can be adjustable for different water flow requirements. Don’t forget to check the quality of the screws and welding since lower end watering cans come with cheaply built sprinklers that fall off easily.

Best Watering Cans – Wrapping It Up

Selecting the best watering can, according to your specific needs, could be a tedious job with so many options available out there. If you were expecting a recommendation at the end, we hate to say that there is simply no clear winner in this review.

There can be various watering needs depending on whether it’s an indoor or outdoor garden, size of the area, type of the plants, and many other related factors. You must choose your pick after carefully evaluating your particular requirements.