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Pastel Designer Garden Collection:
Special Garden Flower Collection to grow your own Pastel Designer Flowers.
Stock #: HSCPSTD     Price: $12.15 -- Save 10%
Instructions Included

Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Aster Crego
Pastel Flower Garden Aster Crego
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Columbine
Pastel Flower Garden Columbine
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Cosmos Dwarf
Pastel Flower Garden Cosmos Dwarf
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Canterbury Bells
Pastel Flower Garden Canterbury Bells
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Foxglove
Pastel Flower Garden Foxglove
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Pinks
Pastel Flower Garden Pinks
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Pyrethrum Painted Daisy
Pastel Flower Garden Pyrethrum Painted Daisy
Quality Hart Pastel Flower Seeds Scabiosa
Pastel Flower Garden Scabiosa
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Quality Pastel Designer...! An array of pink and blue colors and shades that will bring peace and serenity to any section of your flower garden. Growing a Pastel designer flower garden is very calming. You are having outdoor fun and learning a new experience. It is an ideal way for you to experience the rewards of planning and learning patience at the same time. By getting your hands dirty, you understand the beauty and complexity of the natural life cycles around us. Pastel Designer comes with easy to follow instructions on the Eight (8) packets of garden magic.

Grow the Pastel Designer... today...! A lovely variety of blue and pink colors which are especially attractive, and full of cool and relaxing natural colors...!

This Pastel Designer Flowers collection makes for peace and serenity, in a lovely flower garden, all season long.

Visit our comprehensive garden glossary for additional gardening information.

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