Fifty Birds of Town & City

Magic Bird Cards - Page 2

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Try to guess or remember the name of the bird for each picture, then move your mouse pointer over the picture and the name of the bird will magically appear.  Click on the picture and you will be taken directly to the page that has the information for that bird. With your friends, call out a letter, and name the bird. Enjoy yourself while learning. Have Fun...!
A2 Chimney Swift B2 Chipping Sparrow C2 Cowbird D2 Crow
E2 Downy Woodpecker F2 Flicker G2 Goldfinch H2 Grackle
J2 Green Heron K2 Herring Gull L2 House Sparrow M2 House Wren
P2 American Flag     R2 Two Robins with Worm


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