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For the benefit of those with visual impairment, this page is in large print.

This page is dedicated to the countless men, woman and children, who fought and gave up their lives for the freedoms which we hold so dear, and is symbolized in the American Flag which represents The United States of America.

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

This is our pledge to our wonderful great country.
You hear it throughout America. But, do you really know what it means?
Let's look at it very closely so that you can learn and understand its meaning.

"I pledge allegiance"
(I promise to be true)

"to the flag"
(to the symbol of our country)

"of the United States of America"
(each state that has joined to make our country)

"and to the Republic"
(a republic is a country where the people choose others to make laws for them
-- the government is for the people)

"for which it stands,"
(the flag means the country)

"one Nation"
(a single country)

"under God,"
(the people believe in a supreme being)

(the country cannot be split into parts)

"with liberty and justice"
(with freedom and fairness)

"for all."
(for each person in the and me...!)

The Pledge of Allegiance says you are promising to be true
to the United States of America! Never take these freedoms that you have for granted.

Remember all branches of the armed forces, and the countless thousands of men, women and children, yes children, who through the centuries have given their lives, so that we may enjoy, all the freedoms that we have today.


For everyone visiting this page, here is a question for YOU:
Do you know which star on the American Flag represents your state?
Take a friend, and together visit your local library for some amazing answers.

National Symbol

by Charles Evans Hughes

The flag is the symbol of our national unity, our national endeavor, our national aspiration.
The flag tells of the struggle for independence, of union preserved, of liberty and union one and inseparable, of the sacrifices of brave men and women to whom the ideals and honor of this nation have been dearer than life.
It means America first; it means an undivided allegiance.
It means America united, strong and efficient, equal to her tasks.
It means that you cannot be saved by the valor and devotion of your ancestors, that to each generation comes its patriotic duty; and that upon your willingness to sacrifice and endure as those before you have sacrificed and endured rests the national hope.
It speaks of equal rights, of the inspiration of free institutions exemplified and vindicated, of liberty under law intelligently conceived and impartially administrated. There is not a thread in it but scorns self-indulgence, weakness, and rapacity.
It is eloquent of our community interests, outweighing all divergencies of opinion, and of our common destiny.


Progress is a nice word.
But change is its motivator.

Robert F. Kennedy

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